Battle-Tested Criminal Attorney Defends Clients Facing Aggravated Sexual Assault Charges Throughout New Jersey

Sex crimes charges in New Jersey are extremely serious. If convicted of a sex crime, you will face life-altering consequences. Penalties for sexual assault crimes are harsh, but if you are convicted of aggravated sexual assault in New Jersey, you face twice the prison sentence of a standard sexual assault crime. In fact, at least 85% of the 20-year maximum prison sentence must be served before parole is even an option. In sexual assaults involving minors, you could serve between 30 years and life in New Jersey State Prison.

When your freedom is on the line and you are facing aggravated sexual assault charges, do not waste any time choosing an experienced, aggressive sex crimes defense lawyer who will protect your rights. Jill R. Cohen has been practicing criminal law in New Jersey for over 30 years. She has tried numerous sexual assault cases and has experience in resolving the case favorably even prior to indictment. Contact her Haddonfield law office today for a free initial consultation about your South Jersey aggravated sexual assault charges.

Put Jill Cohen’s Creative Defense Strategies To Work In Your Case

Time is not on your side! There is no statute of limitations on aggravated sexual assault cases in New Jersey. In fact, you can be charged for something you are accused of doing 30 years ago when you were a juvenile. This is why you should not waste any time in contacting Cherry Hill criminal defense lawyer Jill R. Cohen, Esq. about your aggravated sexual assault charges.

As a former Camden County assistant prosecutor, Ms. Cohen knows all too well how difficult it is to prove aggravated sexual assault beyond a reasonable doubt. There are many things the State must do to prove guilt in these cases. She will use her knowledge of how prosecutors build their sex assault cases as she crafts a winning strategy to defend you against your charges.

First, the State has to prove that sexual penetration occurred. Sexual penetration includes fellatio, cunnilingus, digital penetration in the vagina or anus, sexual intercourse and any insertion of an object into the vagina or anus.

Next, the following aggravating circumstances must be present in order for the prosecution to bring first-degree criminal charges:

  • Victim is older than 13 and less than 16 years old, and the defendant is either family-related or has supervisory power to the victim.
  • Victim is less than 13 years old.
  • Defendant committed the act during the commission of a robbery, kidnapping, homicide, criminal escape or aggravated assault.
  • Defendant is armed during the sexual penetration and threatened to utilize the weapon.
  • Defendant and one or more other individuals used force or coercion to commit sexual penetration.
  • Defendant caused severe personal injury to the victim through physical force or coercion.
  • Defendant knew or should have known that the victim was physically helpless, such as unconscious or mentally defective.

The prosecution typically faces many difficulties in cases against an alleged sexual offender and there are many defenses available for a skilled attorney with experience in this field. Camden criminal defense lawyer Jill Cohen has successfully defended many clients accused of aggravated sexual assault by finding holes in the prosecution’s case.

Whether it is a plea negotiation, a trial or getting the charges dropped altogether, Ms. Cohen aggressively defends clients against jail time and lifelong consequences. She is also very well versed in the registration and parole consequences of sexual assaults in New Jersey and can help even after a conviction has occurred.

Speak With An Experienced Criminal Defense Attorney

The aftermath of a New Jersey criminal sexual assault conviction is permanent and will label you as a sex offender. This means you will have to register for the national sex registry under Megan’s Law and you will have a criminal record that will follow you for the rest of your life.

Do not talk with police. Instead, exercise your right to stay silent and request to speak with an attorney immediately. Attorney Jill from The Law Office of Jill R. Cohen is one of a handful of people certified by the Supreme Court of New Jersey as a criminal trial attorney. She will use every tool in her criminal defense arsenal to successfully defend you against your South Jersey sex crime charges — clearing your name and safeguarding your criminal record. Contact Ms. Cohen today for a free consultation.