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Helping You Understand Megan’s Law And What It Means For You

One of the worst consequences of a felony sex crime conviction in New Jersey is the imposition of Megan’s law sex offender registration requirements. Megan’s law is meant to protect the public from convicted sex offenders who are at risk of reoffending, but the reality is that Megan’s law often winds up punishing people who have already paid their debt to society and who pose no threat whatsoever to the public. Worse yet, some New Jersey sex offenses can subject a convicted defendant to lifetime parole supervision. This means that your movements will be restricted, your job opportunities will be limited, and your arrest and conviction history will be viewable by anyone with access to a computer.

Do not risk your freedom. If you’ve been charged with a sexual offense in New Jersey, you need to speak with a qualified criminal defense attorney as soon as possible. I am attorney Jill R. Cohen, and I have successfully represented clients facing charges of sexual assault, criminal sexual contact, and other sex crimes. I have a full understanding of Megan’s law and can explain how it may apply in your situation. I understand the stress and concern you may be experiencing. I work to alleviate some of those fears by talking with you and defending your rights in court.

Megan’s Law Requirements In New Jersey

If you are convicted of certain serious sex crimes in New Jersey, you will likely be required to register as a convicted sex offender under Megan’s law. The registration process typically involves filling out necessary forms and paperwork at least once per year. (Violent sex crime offenders may have to register every 90 days.) In addition to registering with the state database for sex offenders, you will also have your name placed on a national sex offender registry as part of a Megan’s law community notification requirement. The personal information on the registry may be passed out to your neighbors and coworkers. Perhaps worst of all, information about your sex offender status will be available to anyone with access to a computer – that’s because the New Jersey state police will also put your criminal record on the internet.

Additionally, Megan’s law imposes parole supervision for life, which means that the convicted offender will need to avoid committing another crime in the future. A violation of this parole requirement could result in the offender being sentenced to an extended term of imprisonment. Moreover, even if you do not violate the terms of your parole, you could potentially be required to wear a monitoring device that tracks your movements.

Motions To Terminate Megan’s Law And Parole Supervision For Life

I am experienced in filing motions to terminate Megan’s law and parole supervision for life. If 10 years have passed without any further contacts in the New Jersey criminal justice system, the strict conditions of Megan’s law and parole supervision for life can often be avoided. Doing away with these strict provisions will change your life. Your career options may change and your contacts with children and adults may be restored. I have a great working relationship with all of the judges in South Jersey; if anyone can get your Megan’s law and parole supervision lifted, it’s me.

Let’s Talk About Your Options

The bottom line is that Megan’s law has strict requirements that could make your life extremely difficult for many years ahead. In addition to the social costs of being forced to announce to the world that you’ve been convicted of a sex crime, you will also be subject to severe penalties if you fail to register as a sex offender. That’s why you need to do everything possible to avoid being convicted of a sex crime in New Jersey. To learn more, call my Haddonfield office at 856-754-5501 or contact me online. I offer a free initial consultation.