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The truth is that people don’t always think about the consequences of typing words on a computer screen or “surfing the Web” for images or videos. However, just one wrong button pushed could result in you being charged with an internet sex crime that carries potentially severe criminal penalties, including prison time, Megan’s Law and Parole Supervision for life, and heavy fines. In New Jersey, internet sex crimes are classified as felonies – meaning that defendants may be subject to Megan’s Law sex offender registration requirements if they plead guilty or are convicted at trial. Moreover, NJ law enforcement authorities have been known to set up online sting operations and to monitor online social networking sites for evidence of criminal activity. The best way to protect yourself against potentially invasive and unconstitutional law enforcement tactics is to have a skilled South Jersey criminal defense lawyer on your side.

The laws for possession of child pornography have become heavy and burdensome. Many innocent actions end up in Superior Court, where you face mandatory prison sentences. Most often, possession and distribution of child pornography charges are best handled before trial so that a skilled criminal defense attorney can help the defendant avoid the most severe penalties. The laws in New Jersey have changed significantly: the sooner you face the charges, the better the outcome.

If you’ve been accused of an internet sex crime in Cherry Hill, Camden, Hammonton, Atlantic City, Monroe Township, or anywhere else in South Jersey, you need to speak with an experienced NJ sex crimes attorney immediately. Consult experienced NJ criminal defense attorney Jill Cohen when you are first charged – even if you have not been charged but suspect that charges may be coming. Defending early charges will result in better sentences and better outcomes, in general. In fact, raising defenses early in the legal process often results in a dismissal of the charges or potential charges.

NJ Criminal Charges: Child Pornography & Online Luring

Even the mere accusation of an internet sex crime can create havoc in your life: there is a social stigma that comes with any sex crime charge and that could destroy your personal reputation and your professional aspirations. The attorney you choose to defend you against your charges should be knowledgeable about technology and should know how to challenge discovery evidence in your case. South Jersey criminal defense attorney Jill Cohen utilizes computer experts to analyze data and evaluate evidence in internet sex crime cases. Moreover, Attorney Cohen understands how the NJ legal system works, so she can potentially challenge the constitutionality of the police search of your home and seizure of your computer.

One of the most common internet sex crimes in New Jersey is child pornography possession. Most child pornography charges are brought by prosecutors under N.J.S.A. 2C:24-4, the child endangerment statute. A person who engages in sexual conduct which would impair or debauch the morals of a minor can be charged with second degree endangering the welfare of a child. This includes photographing or filming a child who is engaging in a prohibited sexual act or simulating a prohibited sexual act. A person who knowingly distributes an image or video of a child being abused or exploited can also be charged with a second degree felony. Additionally, many actions can result in first degree charges. Something that you believe was an innocent act can result in years of prison. That’s why it is critical to consult Attorney Cohen as early as possible to avoid the devastating consequences of a criminal conviction.

Another common internet sex crime in NJ is online luring of a minor. An adult who tries to arrange a meeting with a child for the purpose of engaging in sexual activity can potentially be charged with a felony and face significant criminal penalties that include jail time. In fact, even communicating with a minor on the internet in a lewd manner is prohibited by New Jersey law.

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A conviction for an internet sex crime could lead to the loss of your freedom for a very long time. That’s why it is imperative that you speak with a New Jersey criminal defense attorney who possesses the legal understanding, the resources, and the experience needed to help you beat your charges and avoid the most severe penalties. If charges are handled early, they may even be pled to a minor disorderly persons offense. Contact the Law Offices of Jill R. Cohen today to discuss your case over the phone or to schedule a free consultation at the firm’s office in Westmont, New Jersey.


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