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Sexual Offense allegations in South Jersey are among the most painful accusations a person may face. As both a prosecutor and a criminal defense attorney, I have handled hundreds of sexual offense cases – they are all different and require individual attention. People who have never been in trouble at any time in their lives can find themselves or their juvenile children accused of horrendous crimes. Just recently, I represented a doctor in Cherry Hill who was accused of molesting one of his patients. With my quick and thorough knowledge of NJ criminal law, I was able to get the charge dismissed before the client’s practice and reputation were ruined. I also handle many false claims of “rape.” Many girlfriends, mistresses, or wives have been known to bring false and baseless claims, which is another reason why it is so important for anyone accused of rape, sexual assault, or any other sex crime in New Jersey to talk to an experienced NJ sexual offense lawyer like Camden County criminal defense attorney Jill R. Cohen immediately.

Fighting Back Against False Allegations of Sexual Assault and Other Sexual Offenses in NJ

New Jersey law enforcement and prosecutors often file sexual offense charges based on no evidence at all. In fact, they may bring these very serious charges without one shred of evidence, causing significant damage to the accused’s reputation and personal relationships. Moreover, the baseless charge can also result in incarceration for a very long period of time. These sexual offense charges have to be vigorously defended against. The sooner I get involved, the better the outcome is likely to be.
I defend clients against all types of sex crime charges in New Jersey, including:

My goal is often to keep you out of jail, even if faced with serious charges such as sexual assault, aggravated sexual assault, or aggravated criminal sexual contact. I just represented someone who, in a drunk state, bit off a piece of his wife’s ear. With the help of very experienced private investigators, I was able to get the charges against my client dismissed. My relationship with the county prosecutors in Camden County, Gloucester County, and Atlantic County is strong because of my prior experience as a prosecutor and because my confidential and strong nature allows me to get the best result. Be sure to contact me as soon as possible so that we, together, can beat your sex crime charges and win your case.

Getting Sex Offense Charges Dismissed or Downgraded

Claims of date rape, sexual assaults on minor children, and sexual assaults claimed by wives can damage your life if they are not defended against early. I have handled countless claims of sexual assault and very often get them dismissed or plea bargained to a very favorable outcome for my client. The defenses against sexual assault allegations in juvenile court and adult court are very particular and require someone who has vast experience in the field. A strong defense against sexual assault allegations often requires expert investigation, which is why I use only the best private investigators to help with these cases. I also know how to obtain psychological records, records from the DCP&P, medical records, and school records which may provide very important information to use in defense against a felony sex crime charge.

If you contact me early in the process, I may be able to convince the prosecutor’s office that charges should not be filed. Also, it is important in these cases to contact me as soon as you learn of a possible allegation so that I can work with the local and county police in helping your defense. Getting to me early often prevents charges from ever being filed.

One of my goals is to provide my clients with an aggressive defense against sex crime charges, whether they have been filed in Municipal Court or Superior Court. I recently represented a client who was accused of molesting a young child. I was able to get the most serious charges dismissed, meaning that he only faced a period of probation.

Sexual Crime Charges & Sex Offender Registration Requirements in New Jersey

Accusations of sexual assaults are common in family and juvenile court in Winslow, Cherry Hill, Camden, Atlantic City, Monroe Township, Deptford, and elsewhere in South Jersey. For instance, young children may be accused of sexually assaulting friends and relatives when these allegations are frequently false. There can also be accusations of statutory rape or consensual assaults with children under the age of 16. My goal is to achieve the best possible outcome for my clients in these NJ juvenile sex crime cases. With my years of experience, I can often get these charges either downgraded or dismissed.

In many cases, I have prevented the accused from Megan’s Law sex offender registration or parole supervision for life. I have also gotten first degree charges – even accusations of sexual assault against a five-year-old – downgraded to minor crimes that do not require parole supervision for life. Parole supervision for life is a very difficult hurdle to overcome. If you are faced with the possibility of a sentence that carries parole supervision for life, you must seek competent legal counsel to prevent this outcome. Violations of Megan’s law or parole supervision for life will subject you to additional prison time – even for minor violations. It is important to defend against this type of sentencing factor.

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