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Facing criminal sex charges in New Jersey, whether sexual assault, date rape, or distribution of online pornography, can be devastating. It’s not unusual for a person facing NJ sex charges to be convicted in the court of public opinion long before the case actually gets to trial. Your reputation in your community and your workplace are on the line, while your job and freedom may, literally, be at stake.

It’s critically important to act, not react, to sexual offense charges. Contact a knowledgeable criminal defense lawyer who will aggressively defend you against sex crimes allegations in Camden, Cherry Hill, Collingswood, Voorhees, Monroe Township, Hammonton, or anywhere else in South Jersey. Jill R. Cohen, Esq. is one of the few lawyers in New Jersey who has been certified by the Supreme Court of New Jersey as a criminal trial attorney, so you can count on her to get the job done for you in the courtroom.

Ms. Cohen has been defending NJ clients, protecting their rights, and fighting for their interests for many years. She will put her experience as both a prosecutor and criminal defense lawyer in Camden County to work for you and your family.

Facing Sex Crime Allegations in New Jersey? Don’t Go It Alone

We may be living in a do-it-yourself world, but defending yourself against serious criminal charges is not a do-it-yourself endeavor. You need a knowledgeable, powerful criminal defense attorney who will do everything possible to defend you against your sex charges. Depending on the particular charge you are facing, there are many differing levels of penalties. Some allegations, such as aggravated sexual assault or rape, would be categorized as violent crimes under NJ law. Other situations may involve less serious charges, such as sexting. One thing all sex crimes have in common is that the defendant is often shunned by family and friends due to the embarrassing nature of the allegations.

Experienced Cherry Hill criminal defense attorney Jill Cohen will be on your side. She will listen to what has happened to you and she will never judge. It’s her job to discredit the evidence against you and she will work tirelessly to defend you at every turn. Since some sex crimes carry lengthy jail sentences, it’s important to contact Ms. Cohen as soon as you are charged. She will get to work on your defense strategy right away.

When you or someone you care about is facing a serious sex charge, contact the Law Offices of Jill R. Cohen. She defends clients in Atlantic City, Deptford Township, Pennsauken, and throughout South Jersey against complex criminal charges in state and federal courts, including:

Sex Crime Convictions in South Jersey Have Serious Consequences

If you are convicted of a sex crime in New Jersey, you will likely be required to register as a sex offender. In most cases, Megan’s Law will require you to report your personal information to local police where you live for up to 15 years after you get out of prison. Even worse, New Jersey is one of many states in the US that makes this information available online for everyone to see. Unfortunately, once you are convicted of a sex offense in New Jersey, it will be very difficult to hide from it. The penalties of a sex crime conviction will most assuredly be life-altering. Getting a job, keeping an apartment, making friends — your way of life will be overshadowed by your sex offender label.

Camden criminal defense lawyer Jill Cohen will fight tirelessly on your behalf to get your charges dismissed or downgraded. When necessary, she will negotiate for the outcome that is in your best interests, and when she goes to court to fight for you, rest assured, she will bring the full force of her many years of experience to your defense. Ms. Cohen is a former district attorney in Philadelphia and a former Camden County, NJ prosecutor. She knows how the other side thinks and strategies when seeking a sex crime conviction. Allow Ms. Cohen to put her many years of knowledge and experience to work for you.

Battle-Tested South Jersey Criminal Defense Attorney Offers Free Consultations for Clients Facing Serious Sex Crime Charges in Camden, NJ

Sometimes, defendants don’t find out they are being charged with a sex crime until they are actually arrested and being transported to the police station. If you even suspect you are under suspicion by law enforcement, don’t wait until you are in handcuffs. Consult with an experienced NJ sexual assault lawyer like Jill Cohen immediately. Meeting with her early is essential to an aggressive defense. Ms. Cohen has tried and won numerous cases involving sexual offenses and she will work hard for you, as well.

Contact the Law Offices of Jill R. Cohen today for a free consultation about your New Jersey sexual offense charges. When you are facing serious criminal charges that can result in the loss of your freedom for many years, you don’t want to take any chances by hiring just any lawyer. Hire the right lawyer, a successful lawyer, the criminal defense lawyer who will prioritize your case. Contact Attorney Cohen today for help with your NJ sex crime charges.


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