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In New Jersey, murder is a crime of the first degree and carries the most severe penalties for conviction, including life in prison. However, in order for NJ prosecutors to obtain a first degree murder conviction, they must be able to prove that there was an intention to kill or cause serious bodily harm that resulted in death.

If you or someone you love is facing murder charges in Camden County, Gloucester County, Atlantic County, Burlington County, or anywhere else in South Jersey, it is critically important to retain the most experienced, aggressive criminal defense lawyer you can find to fight for your rights while protecting your reputation and freedom. Jill R. Cohen fiercely defends clients accused of all violent criminal charges in New Jersey, including murder and manslaughter. Do not talk with police before securing serious legal representation. Contact Cherry Hill criminal defense attorney Jill Cohen right away for a free initial consultation about your NJ murder charges.

First Degree Murder v. Felony Murder in New Jersey

Under NJ law, felony murder occurs when the actor kills another individual while performing a felony crime, attempting to commit a crime or fleeing after a crime. Felony murder carries stiff penalties, including life in prison. Unlike typical murder charges in New Jersey, the State does not have to prove the actor had intent to kill when charged with felony murder. Even if the killer had no plan to kill or physically harm the victim during the associated felony crime, all participants in the crime can be held directly responsible.

New Jersey prosecutors use the felony murder rule on crimes that are dangerous in nature. These crimes include:

  • Robbery
  • Sex crime
  • Sodomy
  • Arson
  • Carjacking
  • Kidnapping
  • Escape from law enforcement

If you can show you are innocent of these underlying crimes, you can be found innocent of murder. However, if convicted of felony murder, you will be facing at least 30 years behind bars because felony murder is automatically charged as a first degree offense in New Jersey.

When Your Future Is on the Line, Experienced Criminal Defense Lawyer Jill Cohen Will Defend You Against Murder Charges

If you are facing murder charges in Cherry Hill, Washington Township, Atlantic City, or elsewhere in South Jersey, it’s important to know that the death penalty is not an option; it was abolished in New Jersey in 2007. However, the consequences associated with a first degree murder conviction are life-changing. So you must act quickly. When you bring Camden County criminal attorney Jill Cohen in as your defense lawyer against murder charges, she will begin to defend you immediately by filing motions to get your charges and bail reduced and by conducting extensive and meaningful investigation.

Penalties for murder charges in New Jersey include a mandatory minimum sentence of 30 years in prison. A life sentence is the maximum penalty for first degree murder convictions. If aggravating circumstances, such as murdering a police officer or prior convictions, are involved, the punishment is likely to be more severe. An example of intentional murder would be if someone is accused of committing an arson and people die as a result. Camden prosecutors will likely attempt to prove the intentional act was committed in a purposeful and knowing manner which a reasonable person should know would result in death.

That being said, there are solid defense strategies against charges of first degree murder. In fact, Ms. Cohen has defended many murder cases in New Jersey and is currently defending cases in Atlantic County, Gloucester County, Burlington County, and Camden County, NJ. There are a number of ways to fight against murder charges. Rest assured, Ms. Cohen will explore all of your options and choose the best defense strategy for you.

  • If Ms. Cohen can prove there was no intention to kill another person but the killing was a result of other factors, you cannot be found guilty of murder.
  • If you acted in self-defense, that is a complete defense to a murder charge.
  • If you acted because you were provoked, you may also be found not guilty of murder.
  • If a person dies but there was no intention to kill or injure, you may only be guilty of manslaughter.

Conversely, if you commit certain crimes and a death results, even if unintentional, you could be charged with felony murder in NJ. Ms. Cohen is a New Jersey Supreme Court certified criminal defense attorney. She will explain the many defenses to a murder conviction and the many ways to avoid a life sentence.

For example, a plea bargain is an option where you can avoid a trial and typically get more lenient sentencing. This option, and others, may be available to you if you pick up the phone and contact an experienced New Jersey criminal lawyer. Jill Cohen gets her clients excellent results, whether by a plea bargain or at trial. As a former Camden County assistant prosecutor, Ms. Cohen knows how her former colleagues build their cases against murder defendants. She will use that knowledge and her experience to help you fight your murder charges and defend your freedom.

Aggressive NJ Criminal Defense Attorney Successfully Fights Murder Charges

When you or someone you love is facing serious criminal charges in New Jersey, including murder, child abuse, or aggravated sexual assault, your freedom is at stake. Don’t take any chances by choosing just any Camden County criminal defense lawyer. With more than 30 years of experience, Camden criminal attorney Jill R. Cohen has the knowledge and the resources to put together an aggressive criminal defense on your behalf.
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