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Many people do not take their charges in municipal court in New Jersey seriously, but these charges are very serious and carry severe penalties. They can result in criminal convictions which will affect you for your entire life. For young offenders, a criminal conviction in municipal court can limit your ability to borrow money for college, may affect your credit, and might even stifle your career by preventing you from obtaining many jobs.

Many lawyers are sending letters to obtain you as a client, but they do not always have your best interests in mind. You can count on me to defend you against your NJ municipal court charges because I have over thirty (30) years experience and have practiced in municipal courts throughout the state of New Jersey, as far north as Sussex County and Essex County and also in Mercer County, Middlesex County, and in all the courts in towns throughout the State of New Jersey.

Skilled Criminal Defense Attorney Fights to Get Clients’ Criminal Charges and Traffic Violations Dismissed

It is important to have an attorney who has a close relationship to the prosecutors in the municipal towns. I have only good relationships with the prosecutors and judges in most towns throughout New Jersey. Further, I am intimately familiar with the NJ criminal codes and the local township code violations. I can often get your criminal offenses reduced to minor local code violations, which you can thereafter get expunged. Also, I often get the criminal charges dismissed altogether.

When it comes to the defense of traffic offenses in NJ municipal courts, I know the “tricks of the trade.” I can anticipate and advise you as to what you can expect when you are charged by police for motor vehicle offenses in Camden, Pennsauken, Washington Township, Monroe, Hammonton, or anywhere else in South Jersey. It takes an attorney who knows the system in and out to get you the best result. I have been representing all types of people in municipal courts since starting my criminal practice in 2006. Before that, I was an acting Camden City Municipal Court prosecutor, so I have a deep understanding of how the municipal court system works.

Fighting Marijuana Possession & DWI Charges in New Jersey Municipal Courts

I review the statutes and case law every day to keep abreast of changes that will benefit you. Just recently, as you may have heard, it was decided that charges for possession of marijuana in municipal court will no longer be heard. Although these charges will not yet be dismissed outright, a lawyer with experience like myself may be able to get the charges reduced to a city or town ordinance, or just wait until the law changes. Additionally, now that Marijuana may be legalized in New Jersey, I may be able to successfully litigate a motion to get anything found in a motor vehicle suppressed if the only probable cause to search the vehicle was the “smell of marijuana.”

Driving while under the influence of alcohol or drugs (DUI) is a large part of my criminal defense practice in South Jersey. There are many attorneys who charge excessive fees and advertise themselves as having superior knowledge of DUIs. In fact, any good lawyer must know how to beat a DUI, as it is a large part of our practice. I can help anyone who has been charged with driving while under the influence of drugs in New Jersey. As you may know, you can be charged with driving under the influence of drugs even if you are prescribed the drug. Defending these cases often requires the advice of a renowned toxicologist who can challenge the police opinions that you were driving adversely due to the effect of the drugs. I work closely with toxicologists who can provide an opinion supporting your case: that the drug you ingested did not adversely affect your ability to safely operate a motor vehicle. Further, I can often get these types of DUI charges dismissed if the township police did not prepare there case appropriately. Finding mistakes in each case creates the best results for my clients.

Post-Conviction Relief for DUI Charges in New Jersey

I recently filed and won a motion for post-conviction relief arising out of a guilty plea for driving while under the influence of Xanax. The prior attorney advised my client to plead guilty to a DUI because the client admitted that he was prescribed Xanax and had taken a small amount before getting behind the wheel. He was in an accident, and the police and his prior attorney believed that he couldn’t beat the DUI charge. However, my toxicology expert reviewed the state’s records and gave an opinion that the Xanax in my client’s system had nothing to do with the accident and played no part in his ability to safely drive. Therefore, the matter was dismissed as part of post-conviction relief.

The Effect of Marijuana Legalization on DUI Charges in New Jersey

Even if marijuana becomes legal in New Jersey, that will not stop the police from issuing tickets for Driving While Under the Influence of Marijuana. If the police see or smell marijuana in your car, they might assume that your driving is affected by the use of marijuana — even if it is not true. The reality is that it is very difficult for the State to prove that marijuana adversely affected your ability to safely operate a motor vehicle. The police need to have drawn blood or taken a urine sample just to begin the analysis. I have a wealth of experience in helping clients fight DUI charges in New Jersey and getting these cases dismissed.

Remember also – New Jersey state law does not require you to consent to giving a blood or urine sample. If the police ask, you can merely say, “no.” Under the law, as it is today, nothing can be held against you for your failure to agree to give the police samples. Some people get this confused with the mandatory giving of breath samples. You must give a breath sample or suffer the consequences. Those refusal cases are very difficult to beat. However, there is no legal basis to extract blood or urine — and without those samples, it can be impossible to prove a charge of driving under the influence of drugs. If you do give a blood or urine sample, I still advise you to have one of my toxicologists or drug experts give an opinion which might help your case.

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