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Mount Laurel Criminal Defense Attorney

Mount Laurel Criminal Defense AttorneyMount Laurel Criminal Defense Attorney

Experienced Criminal Lawyer in Mount Laurel, NJ Defends Clients' Rights in Burlington County and Throughout South Jersey

If you or a loved one is facing criminal charges, you shouldn’t leave your fate to chance. Criminal charges can have life-altering consequences. You should seek the guidance and representation of an experienced Mount Laurel criminal defense attorney.

At the Law Office of Jill R. Cohen, we are committed to defending the rights of those accused of crimes in Mount Laurel. Our experienced team has extensive experience and knowledge of the justice system in the township. We will provide you with aggressive and effective legal representation and fight to secure the best possible outcome in your case.

Contact us today to work with an experienced and skilled criminal lawyer in Mount Laurel, NJ. Attorney Jill R. Cohen offers a unique perspective to all criminal cases our law firm handles. She worked for several years as a prosecutor and later as a district attorney before becoming a criminal defense lawyer. She understands the tactics that the prosecution use when approaching different types of criminal cases. You can depend on our team for an effective defense strategy.

Secure Your Future With Experienced and Dedicated Defense; Schedule a Free Consultation With Me, New Jersey Criminal Defense Attorney Jill Cohen, to Fight For Your Rights and Seek The Justice You Deserve.

Cases that a Mount Laurel Criminal Defense Attorney from The Law Office of Jill R. Cohen Can Help With

The skilled team at the Law Office of Jill R. Cohen has extensive experience defending clients in diverse criminal cases in Mount Laurel. We’ve successfully represented clients in cases involving:

  • Mount Laurel White Collar Crimes
  • Mount Laurel Juvenile Crimes
  • Mount Laurel Theft Crimes
  • Mount Laurel Burglary Charges
  • Mount Laurel Gun Crimes
  • Mount Laurel Sex Charges
  • Mount Laurel Assault Charges
  • Mount Laurel Violent Crimes
  • Mount Laurel Aggravated Assault Charges
  • Mount Laurel Sexual Assault Charges
  • Mount Laurel Traffic Violations
  • Mount Laurel Homicide Charges
  • Mount Laurel Weapons Offenses
  • Mount Laurel DUI Charges
  • And many more

When you choose the team at the Law Office of R. Cohen to represent you, you can have confidence that we will provide you with an effective defense strategy and fight aggressively for the best possible outcome. We will work tirelessly to advocate for your rights. We will explore all legal options available in your case and work towards safeguarding your future and securing the best outcome.

  • ★★★★★

    "Ms. Cohen was my lawyer at Burlington county in 2006. She did a great job. If I could give her 10 stars, I would."

    Enolvina R.
  • ★★★★★

    "She got my charges dismissed."

    Junior B.
  • ★★★★★

    "This lawyer represented my friend’s brother in Hudson County who hired three lawyers for a trial. Jill was over an hour away and took this case because my friend’s brother was facing serious charges. Mrs. Cohen went to trial and he was found not guilty. My friend was so proud of this lawyer and when she went to court other lawyers asked where she got Mrs. Cohen from. I will use this lawyer if she takes my case."

    Lexie M.
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Our team will help you by:

  • Thoroughly reviewing your case to identify weaknesses and strengths in the prosecution’s arguments.
  • Investigating your case to uncover evidence that will be beneficial in defending your position.
  • Devising an effective strategy to protect your rights and freedom. We will work to safeguard your future.
  • Negotiating a favorable plea deal with the prosecution. We will work to get the best possible terms.
  • Representing you in court and arguing your case before a judge and jury. We will present your case and poke holes in the case presented by the prosecution.
  • Providing guidance and support throughout the legal process. When our team is fighting in your corner, you will never feel alone. You will have a team that understands what you’re going through providing support, answering your questions, and offering guidance.

About Mount Laurel, NJ

Mount Laurel is a township located in Burlington County in New Jersey. It is situated in the southwestern part of New Jersey and is approximately 19 miles east of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The township recorded a population of 41,000 as of the 2020 US Census.

Mount Laurel is considered relatively safe with a relatively low crime rate of 10.75 per 1000 residents. This crime rate is well below the national average. In fact, the township is ranked in the 63rd percentile meaning that it is safer than 63 percent of cities in the country.

If you have been accused of committing a crime in Mount Laurel, NJ contact our law firm to access high quality legal representation from a criminal lawyer in Mount Laurel, NJ.

I Offer Free Case Evaluations to Consult With You About The Charges You Are Facing. Call Me at 856-830-6433 or Reach Out Through My Online Form to Schedule Your Consultation Today.

Contact the Law Office of Jill R. Cohen to Consult with an Experienced Mount Laurel Criminal Defense Attorney

Being charged with a crime can be distressing. Being convicted and facing a harsh penalty aren’t the only negative consequences to worry about. A criminal record will have a negative impact on your life in the long term. At the Law Office of Jill R. Cohen, we fight not only to protect the rights and freedom of our clients but also to safeguard their futures. If you or a loved one has been charged with a crime, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. Schedule a consultation with an experienced and skilled criminal lawyer in Mount Laurel, NJ from our law firm and take that first step to protect your rights.

Frequently Asked Questions About Criminal Defense Matters in Mount Laurel, NJ

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What My Clients Say

"I cannot say enough good things about Jill and her staff... During one of the most trying times for me, not only did she support me, but she and her staff truly listened to me and, most importantly, had my best interest at heart. I will refer Jill to anyone that needs a hands-down professional, caring lawyer to get them through a difficult time."

Elizabeth S.
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Work With A Skilled, Certified Criminal Trial Attorney From The Beginning – Your Future Depends On It Don’t Be Tricked Into Hiring A Lawyer Who Does Not Have Your Best Interests In Mind.

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