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Gloucester Township Criminal Defense Attorney

Gloucester Township Criminal Defense AttorneyGloucester Township Criminal Defense Attorney

Criminal Lawyer in Gloucester Township, NJ Fights for Clients Facing Criminal Charges in Camden County and All Over New Jersey

Have you ever been accused of committing a crime, or have you ever been detained, arrested, or questioned about any sort of criminal activity? If so, we strongly advise that you contact our Gloucester Township criminal defense attorney. Do not take the legal process lightly; you could be sentenced to harsh punishments. Depending on the type and seriousness of the offense, punishments may include incarceration, significant fines, mandatory sex offender registration, probation, community service, loss of many privileges, and even lifelong social and professional difficulties. Contact us right away to get the dependable legal advice and assistance you require for your criminal case. Our highly regarded criminal lawyer in Gloucester Township, NJ can help you get a good outcome.

Secure Your Future With Experienced and Dedicated Defense; Schedule a Free Consultation With Me, New Jersey Criminal Defense Attorney Jill Cohen, to Fight For Your Rights and Seek The Justice You Deserve.

Our Gloucester Township Criminal Defense Attorney Handles Criminal Cases Expertly

Years of experience addressing matters involving the New Jersey Criminal Code have been accumulated by our team. Regardless matter the charges you are facing, we are here to assist you. We offer the following instances of legal advice, representation, and defense:

  • Gloucester Township DUI/DWI Charges
  • Gloucester Township Drug Offenses
  • Gloucester Township Gun Charges
  • Gloucester Township Weapons Offenses
  • Gloucester Township Assault and Aggravated Assault Charges
  • Gloucester Township Sex Offenses
  • Gloucester Township Sexual Assault Charges
  • Gloucester Township Shoplifting Crimes
  • Gloucester Township Burglary, Robbery, and Theft Crimes
  • Gloucester Township Domestic Violence Charges
  • Gloucester Township Juvenile Crimes
  • Gloucester Township Violent Crimes
  • Gloucester Township Financial Crimes
  • Gloucester Township Fraud Crimes
  • Gloucester Township White Collar Crimes
  • Gloucester Township Municipal Court Violations
  • And more...

As part of a complete package of services aimed at dropping or reducing your charges or shortening your sentences, we also handle pretrial interventions, expungements, reduced sentence hearings, appeals, probation, and plea bargains for our clients.

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    "She is very nice she works with you step-by-step, and she keeps you very informed about your case. She has great service, excellent workmanship, and she put her all into getting you the best results. Thanks a lot Jill R. Cohen."

    Keshia D.
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    “Ms. Jill Cohen is one of the finest attorneys in the country. Her experience as a Camden County Prosecutor and knowledge of the legal system is unmatched. She’s caring, considerate, and extremely honest and fair. She treats her clients with the utmost respect and genuinely cares about them as individuals. I would strongly recommend her!”

    Kenyon H.
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    "Due to a ridiculous situation we had some serious charges pending. Ms. Cohen helped us through each step of the way eventually the charges were downgraded and finally dismissed. If you need a lawyer call Jill Cohen."

    Diane C.
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Each case is distinct and has its own set of facts and laws. However, the burden of proof must be met beyond a reasonable doubt before you may be found guilty. Our skilled Gloucester Township criminal defense attorney has a number of strategies to challenge the prosecution's evidence and refute their claims. Here are a few illustrations:

  • Prove Your Innocence: We will gather information to support your innocence in order to prove it. This includes denials, testimonies from witnesses, visual evidence, etc. Additionally, we will refute the prosecution's evidence to demonstrate that it falls short of the standard needed for a conviction.
  • Your Rights Were Violated: If we can show that the evidence against you was gathered unlawfully or that your rights were in some way violated during the proceedings against you, such as a violation of your constitutional right against illegal search and seizure or not being informed of your Miranda rights when you were arrested, we may be able to have your case dismissed.
  • Acts of Self-Defense: In crimes involving some type of violence, such as assault, battery, abuse, domestic violence, and murder, this is a frequent yet very strong defense. We might be able to get the accusations against you for an illegal violent act dropped if we can show that you had to use legitimate self-defense to protect yourself or your property.
  • Involuntary Intoxication: If you were intoxicated unintentionally or voluntarily, we can utilize this defense to show that you lacked the necessary intent to commit the crime, which will allow the charges against you to be dropped.
  • Accidents: This defense is occasionally used as a defense in financial crimes, for instance, when the defendant performed acts or used money they thought they had permission to use but didn't, and as a result accidentally or unknowingly committed a crime by doing so while having no intention to break the law or harm anyone.
  • Coercion and Duress: If we can prove that you were compelled or under duress to conduct a crime against your will, we can raise this defense.
  • Statute of Limitations Expiration: If the applicable statute of limitations, or the time period during which charges can be made against you, has passed, you cannot be prosecuted for a crime.

I Offer Free Case Evaluations to Consult With You About The Charges You Are Facing. Call Me at 856-830-6433 or Reach Out Through My Online Form to Schedule Your Consultation Today.

Get in Touch With Our Knowledgeable Gloucester Township Criminal Defense Attorney Today

Everyone has the right to aggressive legal representation and a fair trial, in our firm's opinion, says Jill R. Cohen. We are committed to giving each and every one of our clients, solid legal counsel that is tailored to their individual needs. We tenaciously battle to defend their rights and liberties. Regardless of the charges you are facing, you can count on our criminal lawyer in Gloucester Township, NJ to get the best result for you. To arrange a free case evaluation and take the crucial first step toward defending your rights and preserving your freedom, get in touch with us right away.

Gloucester Township, NJ Crimes

Statistics on crime in Gloucester Township show a declining pattern over a 21-year time period, with both violent crime and property crime falling. The crime rate in Gloucester Township is projected to decrease from 2019 levels to 2023 levels based on current trends.

Gloucester Township's 2019 violent crime rate was 73.85% lower than the national violent crime rate average, and the city's 2019 property crime rate was 34.32% lower than the national property crime rate average.

Gloucester Township had a lower violent crime rate than the rest of New Jersey in 2019 (52.04% lower), and a slightly higher property crime rate (3.75%) than the rest of the state.

Frequently Asked Questions About Criminal Defense Matters in Gloucester Township, NJ

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"I cannot say enough good things about Jill and her staff... During one of the most trying times for me, not only did she support me, but she and her staff truly listened to me and, most importantly, had my best interest at heart. I will refer Jill to anyone that needs a hands-down professional, caring lawyer to get them through a difficult time."

Elizabeth S.
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Work With A Skilled, Certified Criminal Trial Attorney From The Beginning – Your Future Depends On It Don’t Be Tricked Into Hiring A Lawyer Who Does Not Have Your Best Interests In Mind.

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