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Protect Your Rights With An Aggressive & Experienced Criminal Lawyer in Gloucester County NJ

At The Law Offices of Jill R. Cohen, we understand how frightening it can be when you are accused of a crime. Criminal charges not only have the potential to lead to jail time, but they can also affect your relationships and your employment.  It can put a stain on your personal record – which stays with you for a lifetime. If you have been accused of a crime in Gloucester County NJ, whether it is for a serious crime or if it is for a misdemeanor, such as a disorderly persons offense, you can depend on criminal attorney Jill R. Cohen, former prosecutor, for experienced legal representation.

If you are a first-time criminal offender, it is critical to speak with a criminal defense attorney as quickly as possible. Even if your charges seem minor, you still want and need an aggressive defense attorney to advocate for you and fight for the best possible outcome. If the charges are more serious, or if you are a repeat offender, it is especially important to contact criminal defense attorney Jill R. Cohen today, because you do not want to risk facing severe penalties without consulting an experienced lawyer first. Jill Cohen has been defending her clients’ rights for over 30 years and is ready to help. Time is of the essence, contact us today for your free consultation regarding your criminal charges in New Jersey.

If You’re Facing Criminal Charges in Gloucester County, Attorney Jill Cohen, Former Prosecutor, Can Assist With:

  • Initial arrest
  • Pre-indictment investigation
  • Bail
  • Plea bargain
  • Preliminary hearings
  • Pre-trial proceedings
  • Trial
  • Sentencing
  • Appeals
  • Expungement

If you or someone you love has been arrested or accused of a crime, you may benefit from the help of experienced criminal defense lawyer Jill Cohen by contacting her today. Her legal defense could prove to be extremely helpful for your case, especially if your circumstances require combating serious penalties inclusive of jail time, substantial fines or loss of your driving privileges. At the law office of Jill R. Cohen, she will work with you to provide the best possible outcome to your legal issues. Contact experienced criminal attorney Jill R. Cohen today for your free consultation.

Offers High-Quality Legal Defense of all State and Federal Crimes Including:

Regardless of the charges you or a family member are facing, Jill Cohen will commit the same amount of attention and care to each case in order to ensure that you get the best possible defense. Contact our criminal attorney Jill Cohen today for your free consultation.

How Can Gloucester County Criminal Defense Lawyer Jill Cohen’s Experience Benefit You?

Jill R. Cohen, Esq. has been successful in defending clients charged with a wide variety of criminal charges. Ms. Cohen thoroughly investigates her clients’ charges, no matter what the circumstances are surrounding the case. If you or someone you know are facing criminal charges in Gloucester County, NJ, you should seriously consider the help of an experienced attorney who will fight to defend your rights. Contact the Law Office of Jill R. Cohen today to request your free consultation.


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Regardless of the incidents that led up to your arrest, every resident of New Jersey has the constitutional right to a fair trial. If you have been arrested or are being investigated, you need sound legal advice. Contact me today.

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