What To Expect In Your Drug Crime Defense Case

Law enforcement officials have become hyper-focused on apprehending and prosecuting individuals suspected of drug-related crimes. Being convicted of a drug crime in the state of New Jersey often involves mandatory minimum jail time, large monetary fines and painful roads to recovery. Luckily, your case does not have to be over before your defense begins.

You can depend on The Law Office of Jill R. Cohen for your case. My deep understanding of drug laws allows me to aggressively defend your reputation and freedom while fighting your drug charges. I have been recognized by the Supreme Court of New Jersey, which is an honor awarded to very few lawyers in the state. Call me for effective representation.

Experienced In A Range Of Drug Charges

I have represented clients across New Jersey against drug crime charges, including:

  • Drug usage, including while driving
  • Possession of controlled substances such as marijuana, heroin, cocaine, crack cocaine, meth or ecstasy
  • Possession of prescription drugs such as Adderall, Ritalin, Vicodin and OxyContin without a prescription or through prescription forgery
  • Possession of drug paraphernalia or drug packaging materials such as baggies or scales
  • Drug manufacturing and drug distribution, which does not have to involve financial benefit or profit
  • Drug trafficking and drug racketeering

I will fight for your constitutional rights. In fact, many times, I have secured outright dismissals for my clients in drug crime cases. As a former assistant prosecutor in Camden, I understand how my former colleagues build their cases against drug crime suspects. You can rely on me to put that knowledge and experience to work in your case.

For Nonviolent Charges, I Work To Secure Special Opportunities

Drug crimes that do not involve violence are uniquely addressed in Drug Courts within the New Jersey Superior Court system. It can benefit you to be in Drug Court because Drug Courts often work with defendants to admit them into recovery programs and help them with drug treatment. I often work with prosecutors to help clients facing drug charges get probation and rehabilitation.

These types of programs are highly beneficial to individuals with convictions and often offer the best opportunity for them to recover from drug addiction, get their life back on track, and avoid serious or even any jail time. Without acceptance into such Drug Court programs, serving a mandatory legally defined minimum jail sentence would be necessary before even being considered for parole.

During the application, a substance abuse evaluator will interview the applicant and consider their substance abuse history, current substance use, and other medical or psychological conditions from which they may suffer. The evaluator will then decide whether the individual is eligible to enter a Drug Court program, and if so, what rehabilitation and treatment the applicant may need.

It is important to note that those under probation of New Jersey Drug Court often must have intensive supervision, employment and drug counseling; must participate in drug treatment programs; and are subject to random urine tests.

Get Compassionate, Persistent Representation

You can make The Law Office of Jill R. Cohen your first call after you are charged with a drug offense. I have been highly successful in getting my clients’ drug crime cases moved to Drug Court or otherwise achieving positive results for them. Contact me today at 856-754-5501 for a free initial consultation regarding your defense.