New Jersey Crimes: Endangering The Welfare Of A Child

In New Jersey, it is a crime to endanger the welfare of a child or place a child at risk of injury. The penalties for conviction of child abuse or child endangerment can include fines and jail time. Before I started The Law Office of Jill R. Cohen, I served as a criminal prosecutor for 15 years. Now, I am passionate about defending clients from unfounded allegations and protecting my clients’ freedom. With over 30 years of experience in criminal justice, and as a certified criminal defense attorney through the Supreme Court of New Jersey, I defend clients in Camden County and the surrounding communities from varying degrees of criminal charges, including allegations of child abuse and accusations of child endangerment. If you have been accused of endangering the welfare of a child, I can help.

Child Abuse, Criminal Neglect And Child Endangerment

In the state of New Jersey, child abuse is a crime and can include the abuse, cruelty of a child or neglect of a child. Children are vulnerable and trust the adults in their life to take care of them. Accusations of abuse, neglect or endangerment are serious, and come with serious fines and possible prison sentences. If you are facing criminal charges of child endangerment, there may be diversionary programs that allow the criminal charges to be suspended in lieu of a criminal court proceeding. A diversion program may include parenting education classes and other options designed to encourage and facilitate change and rehabilitation instead of proceeding with a criminal case.

What Is Child Endangerment?

Child endangerment takes place when a family member or caregiver puts a child in their care in a harmful position or allows the child to be in a situation where they come into harm or danger. There is a lot of overlap in the law between criminal charges of child abuse and criminal charges of neglect or endangerment. Child endangerment charges can include:

  • Allowing a child to work in a dangerous environment
  • Exposing a child to possible injury
  • Driving a vehicle under the influence of alcohol or drugs with a child in the car
  • Isolating a child to the extent that emotional damage occurs
  • Intentionally withholding clothing, food, or shelter from a child
  • Knowingly leaving the child in harm’s way with a predator or in a sexual situation

There can also be an overlap with the agencies that are involved in abuse allegations. For example, a DCPP investigation is conducted by the New Jersey Department of Children and Families to investigate allegations of abuse for the sake of protecting the child’s safety, health and well-being. While in a criminal case, criminal charges and allegations are filed and pursued to punish the wrongdoer. No matter what the context or charges, if you are facing allegations of abuse or child endangerment, an experienced and compassionate criminal defense attorney is an invaluable ally that can defend your rights and protect your freedom.

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