Compassionate And Zealous Defense Against Domestic Violence Accusations

Domestic violence cases can involve criminal charges, and many involve restraining orders. At The Law Office of Jill R. Cohen, I represent defendants accused of domestic violence in municipal court and criminal or superior court. I am experienced criminal defense attorney Jill R. Cohen, and I understand the impact that domestic violence accusations can have on your life. You may be unable to go home, see your children or maintain employment. I work to see that my clients are protected in every aspect of their case, while I pursue a resolution to the situation that allows them to move forward with their lives whenever possible.

Although the charges are serious, knowing how to defend against charges for aggravated assault and simple assault helps my clients navigate the system and often results in complete dismissals. I have even been successful in defending clients against false claims of rape and other types of sexual assaults.

My relationship with the county prosecutors, as well as my extensive experience as a New Jersey criminal defense attorney, allows me to get the best results possible for my clients in domestic violence cases. For example, I once represented someone who, in a drunk state, bit off a piece of his wife’s ear. With the help of very experienced private investigators, I was able to get the charges dismissed and help the client avoid jail and a permanent criminal record.

Restraining Orders In New Jersey

A big part of my practice is defending individuals who are served with a temporary restraining order (TRO) to be heard by a judge in the family division of the Superior Courts. It is essential to have a strong defense against these temporary restraining orders. If a final restraining order (FRO) is entered because you didn’t seek counsel, you could be affected for the rest of your life.

A restraining order may prevent you from obtaining many different kinds of jobs. Moreover, permanent restraining orders can stay on your record forever. Knowing how to beat a final restraining order can change the rest of your life. Because I have tried numerous jury and non-jury trials in New Jersey, I know how to defend against the entry of a final restraining order. I am not afraid to tackle any case or to vigorously cross-examine the plaintiffs who frequently bring baseless claims in domestic violence cases.

In our legal system in New Jersey, law enforcement often files charges based on no evidence at all. They bring very serious charges without one shred of evidence. However, even a baseless charge can result in incarceration for long periods of time. These charges have to be defended vigorously. The sooner I get involved, the better the outcome will be for you. My goal is to keep my clients out of jail, even if they face serious charges.

Let’s Discuss Your Domestic Violence Or Spousal Abuse Case

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