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Child Pornography Lawyer Burlington County NJ

New Jersey Sex Crimes Attorney Helps Clients Fight Charges of Possession & Distribution of Child Pornography in Burlington County, NJ

Child pornography charges are very stressful and are considered to be a felony in the state of New Jersey. Attorney Jill R Cohen has over 30 years of experience as a criminal lawyer and has defended clients in Burlington County regarding a wide variety of sexual criminal charges. Using quality legal defense techniques, she can argue for less severe penalties or argue for a less serious criminal sentence in court. Contact her today for a free initial consultation regarding your Burlington County criminal charges.

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Why Choose Jill Cohen to Represent you in Court for Your Burlington Child Pornography Case?

Jill Cohen has been working as a skilled New Jersey criminal attorney for over 30 years and has worked as both a criminal defense litigator and a prosecutor, giving her the knowledge of both sides of the legal coin and more experience on how to create the best defense for her clients. Not only is she experience with child pornography cases, but has experience with a wide variety of other sexual criminal charges. She is well aware of the rules involving Megan’s law and can use quality litigating techniques to help lessen the severity of penalties associated with such crimes.

Other sexual criminal cases Jill Cohen is experienced with include;

Although there is no shortage of quality criminal defense litigators in New Jersey, there are certain qualities to look for in a lawyer that can offer you a better chance regarding your sexual criminal case. This is something you can find by hiring Jill R. Cohen, who has earned a special certification as a criminal trial attorney due to her years excellence assisting her Burlington County, New Jersey clients. A certified criminal trial attorney is a designation granted by the New Jersey Supreme Court to those who are able to demonstrate sufficient levels of experience, education, knowledge, and skill in criminal practice specifically.

Initial Consultations with Jill R. Cohen About Your Sexual Criminal Case Come at No Cost to Burlington, NJ Clients
Facing a child pornography charge or any other sexual crime can be difficult to do on your own. Having the right criminal defense attorney defending you in Burlington County court can mean the difference. Jill R. Cohen can help argue for a lower categorization via Megan’s law to keep your information from public eye, can argue for a less serious criminal charge, or help negotiate for lighter penalties. In situations that you are innocent of the crime completely, she can also vigorously fight for your rights with quality evidence and skilled litigating techniques.

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About Burlington County, New Jersey

Burlington County is the second largest county in regards to square mileage with an estimated population of about 450,000. Its borders include Camden County to the southwest, Mercer to the north, and the Delaware Valley area and river to the west. Highly populated townships and cities associated with this county include: Burlington, Delran, Evesham, Marlton, Marlboro, Cambridge, Medford, Moorestown, Mount Laurel, and Pemberton.

Burlington County falls under Vicinage 3 for all criminal court matters. Its main municipal court is found in Burlington, while its main superior court is located in Mount Holly. It currently has a violent crime rating of 28.0 (just under the national average) and a property crime rating of 24.7 (well below the national average). Burlington County is thus classified as a bit safer than other counties throughout New Jersey. It is also has a ratio of 2160 residents per a single sex offender as of 2018, putting it well above the average for New Jersey overall.

Click here for city data regarding registered sex offender in Burlington and Burlington County.

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