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South Jersey Police Center Will Target Criminal Activity in Camden County, Gloucester County

South Jersey Police Center Will Target Criminal Activity in Camden County, Gloucester County

South Jersey Police Center Established to Track Crime in Real Time

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NJ State Police recently established the Real Time Crime Center – South, a police intelligence hub that provides law enforcement with vital resources in the fight against crime throughout the region.
A number of law enforcement agencies joined forces to open the facility, including the New Jersey State Police, local police departments in South Jersey, and local county prosecutor’s offices. The Real Time Crime Center is part of the Gloucester County Police Academy Law & Justice Education Center at Rowan College in Glassboro and is staffed with personnel from all of these agencies. The facility is expected to allow police officers, detectives, and prosecutors across South Jersey to pool their resources. The crime center also solves a major problem for law enforcement in South Jersey: connecting the region’s six counties and allowing police to collaborate when investigating crimes and searching for suspects.
NJ lawmakers pushed for the crime center after observing the success of similar facilities in Newark and Trenton. Steve Sweeney, a New Jersey state senator who supported legislation to fund the crime center, spoke at a ribbon-cutting ceremony and said that the facility “is a coordination of efforts to improve law enforcement.” Joseph R. Fuentes, the superintendent of the NJ State Police, also spoke at the ceremony and said that the new Real Time Crime Center will “close the circuit on information sharing in the state of New Jersey.”

Law Enforcement Cracking Down on Crime in South Jersey

Although violent crime is down in Camden County and elsewhere in South Jersey, law enforcement agencies are still looking for ways to further crack down on criminal activity in the region. The Real Time Crime Center – South should make it easier for detectives in different police departments to share information, identify suspects, and make arrests. Additionally, officials hope that the center will help police stop future crimes by identifying certain “hot spots” of criminal activity and then increasing police patrols in those areas.

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