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  • How Many DWI Breath Tests Do Officers Conduct Annually?

    Jan 26, 2022

    Before arresting you for driving while intoxicated, officers must have probable cause that you are doing something unlawful. Probable cause is a comparatively high legal standard that requires officers to have reasonable grounds for making an arrest. Therefore, they cannot arrest you on impulse or intuition. If you fail a DWI breath test, though, you give officers probable cause to support your arrest. Therefore, it should come as no surprise that officers routinely use thes...
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  • Parents Of College Students And Prescription Drug Defense

    Jan 19, 2022

    Prescription drug laws in New Jersey are severe. Merely possessing five doses carries the charge of up to 18 months in prison and a fine of up to $10,000. However, reaching a guilty verdict is not that simple. If you have a child attending college, the temptation to distribute prescription drugs illegally is very high, unfortunately. However, a guilty verdict for your child is not a foregone conclusion. See below for common defense tactics use...
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  • Stabbing Incident Leaves One Man Dead in Union County

    Jan 12, 2022

    Murder is one of the most serious crimes people can receive a conviction for in New Jersey. Often, legal repercussions for such an accusation include a lengthy prison sentence. Defending one’s actions in a murder often requires a careful presentation of the facts. Claims of self-defense may sometimes persuade the courts to view a fatal incident from a different perspective. New Year’s Eve murder For one Union County man, a An efficient and focuse...
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  • Increased Online Sales May Lead To Counterfeiting Allegations

    Dec 31, 2021

    Internet sellers could come under investigation. Customers may claim they advertised and sold reproductions as authentic brands. Under the New Jersey Trademark Counterfeiting Act, officials may investigate allegations of sellers advertising or displaying a counterfeit trademark. Garden State residents could face charges based on the number of products advertised online. Creating a web page and offering at least 25 items with an allegedly counterfeited trademark may result in a criminal charge. Officials charged a Ne...
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  • How Police Coercion Can Lead To Wrongful Convictions

    Dec 15, 2021

    Not all defendants on trial for committing a crime are guilty. Yet in certain circumstances, innocent people are found guilty for a crime they did not commit. Unlawful and unethical police coercion is just one contributing factor to this injustice. It is important for people to realize how the questioning process works and determine whether the police used any unlawful methods to gather information. In some cases, a person may say they committed a crim...
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  • What are the legal consequences of switching price tags?

    Dec 13, 2021

    With the prices of most consumer goods continuing to climb, it can be hard for many New Jersey residents to buy food, clothing and other essential items. Still, because retail theft is Instead of outright stealing an item, it may be tempting to swap price tags with a less expensive item. In New Jersey, price tag switching usually constitutes shoplifting. Upon conviction, you may face some harsh consequences for changing price tags. What i...
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  • Can You Refuse A Breath Test?

    Dec 2, 2021

    When a police officer suspects that a driver may be driving while intoxicated, they will likely administer field sobriety tests along with a breath test. While you can refuse to submit to a breath test, there will be What is a breath test? A breath test measures What happens if you refuse to take a breath test? When you get a driver’s license in New Jersey, you give your implied consent to submi...
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  • What is stalking?

    Nov 26, 2021

    Anytime any other person makes you feel uneasy or does something that would intimidate you, it could be illegal. One situation where such actions might occur that are against the law is stalking. According to the US Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, the New Jersey Revised Statutes include stalking as a Definition Stalking occurs when someone repeatedly follows someone else. If someone is consistently in the same place as you for n...
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  • Examining New Jersey’s Self-Defense Laws

    Nov 12, 2021

    Stories detailing cases of assault in New Jersey may often include claims from the accused stating that they only acted in self-defense. People might meet such claims with skepticism, only to later discover themselves that there indeed are scenarios where a person feels compelled to respond to force with more force. During an altercation, many people assume that they can use physical means to protect themselves. However, that may not always be the case. Understandin...
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  • What do you know about DUI penalties?

    Oct 21, 2021

    After getting your first DUI, you have a lot of concerns to address. For instance, how far back does a drunk driving charge set you financially? MoneyGeek breaks down License fees If you lose your license, you must pay a fee to get it back after completing your license suspension period. Cost of transportation While finishing your license suspension, you must still get to and from work and everywhere else you need to go...
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