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  • What to expect at a New Jersey parole revocation hearing

    Jun 27, 2022

    When you find yourself on parole in New Jersey, you have to abide by certain terms. Violating any of the conditions of your parole has the potential to lead to serious legal trouble. If your parole officer believes you committed any such violations, he or she may require you to attend several hearings, Per the New Jersey State Parole Board, during the hearings, the state’s Revocation Hearing Unit listens to the details of your allege...
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  • Circumstances That Can Enhance Graves Act Sentencing

    Jun 15, 2022

    Under the Graves Act, New Jersey residents convicted of weapons offenses receive a minimum mandatory prison time sentence. There are, however, certain circumstances that are likely to enhance a sentence beyond the mandatory minimum. If you receive a criminal charge that pertains to the Graves Act, it is important to prepare a strong criminal defense that can protect you from accusations of aggravating circumstances. Becoming familiar with some of those possible circumstances will help infor...
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  • How Do Graves Act Waivers Get Started?

    Jun 15, 2022

    If the police arrest you on a weapons charge, it could result in serious jail time. The Graves Act denies you parole until you serve half of your prison sentence or at least 42 months, meaning you could be in prison for at least two and a half years out of a five-year term. However, you might avoid this outcome if a court grants you a Graves Act waiver. New Jersey lawmakers understand that no...
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  • How The Bail System Works In The State Of New Jersey

    Jun 9, 2022

    Since 2017, bail has become a bit fairer in New Jersey. This is due to the Bail Reform and Speedy Trial Act which eliminated cash bail. This act 1. Issuance of complaint Law enforcement takes the defendant’s fingerprints and runs a background check through the state’s database at this stage of the bail process. The prosecution determines whether to issue a summons or court warrant using that information. 2. Issuance of warrant or summons I...
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  • How Can Technology Help Save Lives From Gun Crimes?

    May 27, 2022

    One of the latest types of technology law enforcement uses in fighting crime and saving lives is a gunshot detecting system. It can pick up the sound of a firearm, distinguishing it from other similar noises, and alert officers. explains these Bringing change The quick response time allowed by the use of these systems is game-changing. While the systems cannot stop gun violence, they can help change the environment. People know these system...
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  • Lying On Your Credit Card Application Is Fraud

    May 24, 2022

    Lying on your credit card application might seem harmless. However, According to It is not a small offense When you lie to obtain a line of credit, understand that you indirectly commit a crime against the Federal Reserve. This type of fraud costs banks and lenders several billion dollars every year, and if you use the credit card for interstate commerce, your case becomes a federal crime. Lenders periodically review your credit repor...
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  • Will any violation of parole cause me to go to prison?

    May 16, 2022

    Qualifying for parole grants you an early release from prison, provided that you fulfill certain obligations as required by your parole certificate. Your newfound freedom may not be entirely euphoric since you know you could end up back in prison if you violate the terms of your parole. Still, a single violation of your parole might not cause you to lose your freedom. The New Jersey Adult Parole Handbook Actions your parole officer ma...
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  • How Megan’s Law Works in New Jersey

    May 3, 2022

    New Jersey has several laws in place pertaining to sex crimes committed against children, and Megan’s Law is an example of one of the laws most commonly referenced. Megan’s Law sets guidelines with regard to publicizing sex offenders, and if you receive a charge and conviction for a sexually based offense, the law asserts that you must register as a sex offender. Per, Understanding Megan’s Law provisions Megan’s Law dictates that you mus...
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  • What does New Jersey law consider terroristic threats?

    Apr 13, 2022

    Getting into an angry situation sometimes means you say harsh and negative comments that you wish you had not said after calming down. However, in the age of social media, words can be on electronic display for just anybody to see. Sometimes those words can draw the attention of law enforcement, particularly if they imply harm to one or more persons. New Jersey law criminalizes a kind of speech called terroristic threats. The law consider...
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  • Are There Any Benefits To Posting Bail?

    Apr 12, 2022

    Facing criminal charges is a bleak process, but thanks to the United States justice system, a defendant is innocent until proven guilty. Because of this approach, it is possible to wait for your court appearance without spending time in jail. When eligible, posting bail is an opportunity for pre-trial freedom, but many view the expense as oppressive and restrictive toward low-income individuals. Several factors determine a bail amount, and even though it could seem pricey...
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