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  • 3 Tech Trends In Law Enforcement

    May 6, 2023

    The world has vastly changed in the past decade thanks to technological innovations. To keep up with the ever-evolving modern society, law enforcement has quickly seen the importance of embracing new technologies. Three of the top ones include: 1. Accessing smart data In this day and age, data rules. With connected cities, buildings and nearly everyone having a cell phone, police have access to more 2. Automating surveillance Although not entirely new, computer visio...
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  • What does it mean to be a Tier 1, 2 or 3 sex offender?

    Apr 21, 2023

    When you receive a conviction for a sexually based criminal offense in New Jersey, the state places you into one of three “tiers,” or categories. When you register as a sex offender under Megan’s Law, the state places you in a particular tier, with the tier category demonstrating how likely the state thinks you are to re-offend. Per, once you register as a sex offender in New Jersey, Tier 1 offenders If count...
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  • How To Support A Loved Ones Criminal Defense

    Apr 7, 2023

    When a loved one gets charged with a serious criminal charge, they have a long battle ahead of them. Considering that the New Jersey Courts had 1. Stay supportive but neutral Regardless of the crime, it will come with difficult legal decisions. Even if you do not agree, stay supportive of their decision, which often comes with the guidance of legal counsel. Remember that no two cases have the same nuances, so avoid makin...
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  • Ways to discredit eyewitness testimony

    Mar 31, 2023

    Although many people consider eyewitness testimony as a gold standard for building a case, it is more unreliable than you think. Even the When you face charges with an eyewitness testifying for the prosecution, there are options to discredit that testimony. Stress alters the way your brain stores memories In moments of high stress, the adrenaline and cortisol in the body can interfere with the ability to remember an incident clearly, especially for observer...
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  • 3 Faqs About Violating Probation

    Mar 7, 2023

    As a low-risk offender, you may get probation instead of having to serve time in prison. Although you get to serve your sentence in the community under supervision, the courts take probation seriously. 1. How do courts define probation? As a person on probation, remembering that your situation remains a 2. What common violations do the courts see? While every case has its nuances, most probation sentences come with similar conditions. Missing scheduled visit...
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  • Can New Jersey Revoke Parole Due To A Pending Criminal Charge?

    Jan 18, 2023

    After you serve out a New Jersey prison sentence, you may wind up on parole, which grants you conditional freedom for a set time, provided you follow the terms of your parole agreement. You need to tread carefully while on parole, because violating its terms may lead to more time in prison, among other possible penalties. You, like many others on parole, may question what happens if you wind up facing a new criminal charg...
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  • How Long Do You Have To Register As A Sex Offender In New Jersey?

    Jan 4, 2023

    When a New Jersey judge or jury convicts you of a criminal offense that is sexual in nature, you have an obligation to register as a sex offender with the state. Known as “Megan’s Law,” the law seeks to make it so that sex offenders feel the consequences of their convictions long after they take place. According to Klaas Kids, Megan’s Law first took effect in 1994 and requires you to What offenses fal...
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  • Things to Know About Accidental Shoplifting

    Dec 29, 2022

    You have never intentionally stolen anything in your life, yet now you face theft charges for shoplifting. How did this happen, and what can you do about it? Accidental shoplifting is more common and easy to perpetrate than you may think, and you are not alone in this. Here are some things you should know. Examples of accidental shoplifting In the hustle and bustle of our distracted modern world, there are many ways to unintentionall...
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  • How A New Jersey Parole Revocation Hearing Works

    Dec 20, 2022

    After you serve a third of your New Jersey prison sentence, you may become eligible for parole. If granted parole, you then have to adhere to certain compliance requirements. These typically include making regular appearances in front of a parole officer, among others. If the State Parole Board Hearing Unit hears that you have violated one or more of the terms or conditions associated with your parole, it may require you to attend a hearing...
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  • What are the requirements for a dismissal under the Graves Act?

    Dec 6, 2022

    Under the Graves Act, mandatory minimum sentencing occurs. For the prosection to be able to create a plea deal and dismiss a charge carrying this type of sentence, there are specific requirements. Because the Graves Act crimes deal with firearms, courts are not too quick to Cooperation The prosecution must say on the record that creating a plea bargain is the only way to move forward with the case. They must present a statemen...
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