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  • Drug Evidence Tossed by NJ Supreme Court Due to Improper Car Search

    May 14, 2018

    Two Lakewood men arrested for An Alleged Broken Headlight Leads to an Arrest The police that had stopped them in the first place claimed that they pulled over the men because of a headlight that was out on the vehicle and that the driver had been acting evasively when they were spotted. It was at this point that the officers became aware of a scent of marijuana, which led them to get a...
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  • Routine Drug Field Tests Being Abandoned Due to Danger for Police Officers

    Apr 26, 2018

    A standard procedure that has been followed by police officers throughout the country for decades is being re-evaluated as claims that the widely used method may carry serious health risks to officers in the field up to and including death. Typically when an officer finds a suspicious substance during an arrest or a traffic stop they would then put the unknown substance in a small vial filled with a liquid that would turn a certai...
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  • Revenge Porn the Alleged Crime in Release of Blac Chyna Porn Video but How is it Defined?

    Apr 12, 2018

    Celebrity Blac Chyna became a big news story recently but maybe not for reasons she would have wanted. A Sex Crimes in New Jersey Due to these actions Chyna’s attorney stated that her client was clearly the victim of an act of revenge porn, something that is illegal in the state of California where she lives and where the alleged crimes took place. This then leaves the question, what exactly is considered to b...
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  • Cyber-Crimes Cost Americans Billions of Dollars

    Mar 28, 2018

    Cyber-criminals Ways to Protect Yourself Against Becoming a Victim of Cyber-Crime Symantec’s report noted that at least 60 percent of U.S. internet users had willingly and knowingly shared one of their passwords with another person. This small action puts user’s accounts at a much higher risk of being sabotaged by a cyber-criminal, so Symantec advises internet users to keep their passwords private and not share them with anyone else. If the other user’s accoun...
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  • Research Studies Reveal the Effects of Pretrial Detention

    Mar 19, 2018

    Two years ago, Senator Elizabeth Warren took the U.S. Senate floor and boldly proclaimed the existence of two legal systems: Poverty & Bail in the U.S. One report compiled by the Human Rights Watch, called When an individual has been thrown in jail, their power is sharply reduced. The executive director of the National Association for Criminal Defense Lawyers, Norman Reimer, explains that Charged with a Crime in Camden County, NJ? Cal...
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  • Gun Was Drawn in Incident Leading to Arrest of High School Hockey Coach, Say Police

    Mar 2, 2018

    Weapons Charges Lawyer in Camden, New Jersey If you’re facing criminal charges involving weapons or other items or events, don’t hesitate to contact an experienced criminal defense lawyer who can help you understand your options and fight for your rights. The articles on this blog are for informative purposes only and are no substitute for legal advice or an attorney/client relationship. If you are seeking legal advice, pleas...
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  • New Legislation For Expungement Laws in NJ Go Into Effect October 1st, 2018

    Feb 26, 2018

    The process that ex-offenders must go through to get their crimes expunged from their records has always been a complicated and long one in New Jersey, but after In a surprising compromise considering the current political climate going on in our country at the moment, both parties were able to come up with bipartisan legislation that many people agree will reform expungement laws that sorely needed to be changed. Not only to make i...
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  • Police Charge 16 Year Old With “Crime Spree”

    Feb 7, 2018

    New Jersey State Police claim that a 16 year old stole an unmarked police vehicle from a state trooper’s North Brunswick driveway and used the vehicle to commit robberies, impersonate police, and possibly commit other crimes, according to a recent article at Police claimed that the vehicle, an unmarked police SUV, disappeared from right out front of the owner’s home. The trooper noticed the vehicle missing around 9:30 a.m. Saturday and called the police...
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  • Concealed Carry Bill Moves Forward in Congress

    Jan 24, 2018

    The U.S. House of Representatives recently passed legislation that would allow a person with a concealed pistol license in one state to concealed-carry their weapon in other states. The “Concealed Carry Reciprocity Act” passed with 231 representatives voting for it and 198 voting against. Six Democrats voted for the measure, while 14 Republicans voted against. The passage of the bill in the House “is a huge win for freedom,” said the bill’s sponsor, Rep. Richar...
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  • No New Trial for “Making a Murderer” Subject Brendan Dassey

    Jan 10, 2018

    Netflix’s documentary series “Making a Murderer” became a subject of popular speculation in the months after its release. Many people were convinced that Brendan Dassey, who confessed to assisting his uncle Steven Avery in the 2005 Dassey, who was just 16 at the time of his confession, was portrayed in “Making a Murderer” as struggling with several questions during interrogation. He did not have a lawyer or a parent present during interrogation, and cour...
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