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Camden County Murder Trial of David Creato Delayed Again

Camden County Murder Trial of David Creato Delayed Again

David Creato Murder Trial in Camden County Delayed

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The trial of David Creato, the Haddon Township NJ man accused of murdering his young son Brendan Creato, was recently delayed. The delay was granted by a Camden County Superior Court judge after Creato’s attorneys filed a motion and requested additional time for a forensics expert to a complete a report.
Brendan Creato disappeared on October 12, 2015. It was around 8:15 p.m. on that day when Brendan’s grandmother drove him to his father’s home in Haddon Township, New Jersey. The next morning, David Creato dialed 911 and reported that his son was missing. Creato reportedly told police that Brendan was gone when he woke up. Just three hours later, police officers found the victim’s body in a wooded area located near South Park Drive in Haddon Township, NJ. The victim was just three years old when he died.
Law enforcement investigated the homicide and reportedly found more than 9,000 text messages between Creato and his girlfriend, with at least some of the texts indicating that Creato’s girlfriend did not like the idea of having to care for a child. Prosecutors in the case are expected to argue that Creato’s motive for killing his son was making his girlfriend happy. Creato’s girlfriend was a college student at the time.
Creato has been charged with multiple crimes, including first degree murder and second degree child endangerment. On January 12, 2016, a Camden County grand jury indicted him on the criminal charges. After Creato failed to reach a plea agreement with prosecutors, the criminal trial was set to begin in October 2016 in Camden County Superior Court. However, the trial start date was pushed back so that Creato’s legal team could get an independent examination and comprehensive report from a forensics expert.

David Creato Defense Team Forensics Report Still Not Finished

Now the murder trial has been delayed again after Camden County Superior Court Judge John T. Kelley granted a defense motion and ordered that the trial start on April 10, 2017. The reason for the motion to delay is that Creato’s defense team is still waiting for their own forensic medical examiner to finish a report that is expected to be highly critical of the methods used by Camden County medical examiners when investigating the homicide. For instance, argued defense lawyers, the medical staff failed to take the time to promptly examine the wooded area where the victim’s body was found by a K-9 unit. Since medical examiners didn’t actually go to the area until the weekend after the discovery of the body, claims defense counsel, the scene was contaminated and any observations made at that point are questionable.

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