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Large Majority of Crimes in New Brunswick Go Unsolved

Large Majority of Crimes in New Brunswick Go UnsolvedLarge Majority of Crimes in New Brunswick Go Unsolved

The Mayor of New Brunswick expected a large drop in the crime rate when he increased the size of the New Brunswick Police Department. What he did not expect was the rise in homicides that occurred which ended up being four times as many homicides in 2017 as they had in the entire year before. Not only that, according to the State Police Uniform Crime Report close to 90 percent of all crimes reported to the city police have been reported as unsolved by the department which is a difficult fact for Mayor James Cahill to deal with while he is currently campaigning for his next election.

New Jersey State Police Report’s Shocking Statistics

The State Police Uniform Crime Report does show that the overall number of crimes reported to the police only increased by five percent from the following year. However, the alarming fact is only slightly more than ten percent of these events were solved or cleared by an arrest which is an extremely low number. This means that close to 90 percent of all crimes reported to the city where not solved allowing repeat criminals to stay out on the street engaging in even more illegal behavior. These monthly reports that are submitted to the local authorities by the State Police have shown these crimes to include 4 murders, 25 shootings and 22 reported rapes all within the last year. Considering the severity of these crimes it cannot put anyone’s mind to rest that only one-third of cases involving rapes and assaults with firearms have been solved.

It is because of these shocking statistics that Mayor Cahill has a strong challenger for the first time in his career in Independent journalist Charlie Kratovil, a person who is no stranger to the current mayor. Kratovil’s investigations into the mayor’s water quality cover-up scandal earned him several prestigious awards in addition to uncovering numerous nefarious actions done by this administration that did not make the current leadership happy. It has yet to be seen if Kratovil will be able to take down the long running incumbent but was once an unthinkable achievement now seems more attainable due the enormous amount of crimes that are going unsolved in the New Jersey town.

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