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Haddon Township Police Arrest Suspect in Camden County Car Burglaries

Haddon Township Police Arrest Suspect in Camden County Car Burglaries

Camden County Burglary Suspect Arrested in Haddon Township, NJ

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Haddon Township police officers recently captured the man suspected of committing car burglaries throughout Camden County NJ and stealing a number of personal possessions and valuables.
The suspect allegedly burglarized more than 20 motor vehicles that had been parked on the side of streets in Audubon Park and Haddon Township, New Jersey. According to law enforcement, the Haddon Township car burglaries occurred in the West Collingswood Heights neighborhood and the Collingswood Extension neighborhood.
Once inside the motor vehicles, the suspect allegedly stole small electronic items and any loose change that he could find. It is unclear at this time exactly how much money and possessions the car burglar got away with.
Detectives were able to obtain video surveillance footage from a camera installed at a Haddon Township residence. The footage reportedly showed the suspect unlawfully entering multiple cars parked nearby. The video images allowed police to circulate a description of the suspect to patrol officers, which proved vital when Haddon Township cops on anti-crime patrols near the Black Horse Pike spotted someone matching the description of the car burglar.
The plainclothes officers detained the suspect, as well as a female acquaintance of his, and eventually determined that the suspect was the person wanted for the car burglaries. Police placed the suspect under arrest and took him to Haddon Township police headquarters.

Severe Penalties for Burglary and Theft in Camden County, NJ

The suspect is a 29-year-old man who has reportedly been living on the streets in Camden County, New Jersey. Authorities identified the homeless man as the possible culprit in the car burglary spree after an exhaustive investigation. He has been charged with more than 20 counts of burglary and theft of movable property in connection with the vehicle break-ins. Additionally, the suspect has been charged with possession of drug paraphernalia because police officers allegedly found him carrying drug-related items when they arrested him.
If the suspect is ultimately convicted on the most serious criminal charges of burglary and theft of movable property, he would be subject to severe penalties. That’s because the NJ Criminal Code allows prosecutors to aggregate the amounts of multiple thefts when the theft crimes were carried out as part of a single course of conduct. And since the penalties for theft offenses are based on the total value of the property stolen, the suspect could face enhanced penalties in this case.

Guarding Against Car Burglaries in Haddon Township

Investigators said that all of the cars that were burglarized had been left unlocked by the vehicle owners. According to authorities, the suspect specifically targeted cars that were not locked.
The Haddon Township Police Department recently issued a statement to alert local residents to the car burglaries in the area. Police have also asked residents to take extra steps to safeguard their vehicles against being burglarized, which includes locking all doors and removing all valuables when exiting the vehicles. Additionally, anyone who sees suspicious activity should immediately dial 911 and alert local law enforcement.

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