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Double Homicide in Camden, New Jersey

Double Homicide in Camden, New Jersey

The police in New Jersey are investigating a tragic crime after they discovered two homicide victims in an idling vehicle on February 27th. Read on to learn the details of this crime, the penalties of murder in the state of New Jersey and the potential criminal defenses available to murder suspects.

Double Homicide in Camden

According to initial reports, police were called out to the Fairview neighborhood when concerned witnesses noticed an idling car sitting in the street for an extended period of time. Officers pulled up to the 2800 block on North Constitution Road at around 10:15 P.M.

Investigators were dismayed to find two unresponsive individuals sitting inside. Both victims were suffering from a single gunshot wound, and they were both rushed to the nearby Cooper University Hospital.

Both men were pronounced deceased at 10:45 by medical personnel. The victims have been identified as 29-year-old Ryan Tisby and 33-year-old Tyrone Coleman. Investigators have not yet released any information about potential suspects.

Police are asking anyone with information pertaining to this crime to reach out to the Camden County Police Office at 856-757-7420.

Penalties for Murder in New Jersey

Those convicted of murder in New Jersey are no longer eligible for the death penalty. The death penalty was abolished back in 2007. Despite this, those convicted of murder still face the most serious penalties available. A murder charge in New Jersey could mean life in prison and serious fines. You may also be held financially liable for the damages associated with the victim’s death. That could mean funeral expenses and damages suffered by the victim’s surviving family members.

Criminal Defenses to Murder Charges

Murder and homicide charges are both the most serious crimes you could be charged with. Never take such an accusation lightly, and don’t make the mistake of talking to police without an experienced criminal defense attorney by your side.

Felony murder is a first-degree crime, but it involves the serious implication that the person “purposely” caused the injuries that led to the death of another. In other words, to be convicted of murder, the prosecutor must prove that the suspect intended to take the life of the victim.

Premeditation and deliberation, which shows both intent and planning, are critical to prove in first-degree murder cases. If these elements aren’t present, then the suspect may get charged with second-degree murder.
The number one defense to a murder charge is arguing that the suspect never intended to kill the other person. These types of defenses include:

These defenses may avoid a murder conviction, but it’s still possible to get charged with less serious homicide crimes. Depending on the circumstances surrounding your situation, it may be best to seek out a plea bargain that promises more lenient sentencing in exchange for pleading guilty.

Regardless of which legal strategy you decide to pursue, it’s important to seek out a defense attorney for help.

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