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Domestic Violence Suspect Shot by Camden County Police Officer

Domestic Violence Suspect Shot by Camden County Police Officer

Camden County Police Officer Shoots Domestic Violence Suspect

Camden County Domestic Violence Lawyers
A Camden County cop is currently on leave from his job and could face criminal charges after shooting a suspect during an alleged domestic violence incident.
The police shooting occurred a short time before noon. The Camden County Police Department received a call about domestic violence at a residence located on the 2700 block of Federal Street in Camden, New Jersey. When police officers arrived at the house, they reportedly saw the suspect walking around inside the home and brandishing a weapon. The suspect allegedly moved toward a female, prompting a police officer to fire gunshots in his direction.
The suspect sustained a gunshot wound as a result of the shooting and was transported to Cooper University Hospital in Camden so that he could receive medical treatment. The woman involved in the alleged domestic violence incident also suffered undisclosed injuries and required treatment at the Camden NJ medical facility.
Fortunately, no police officers were injured during the violent incident.
The domestic violence suspect is a 38-year-old resident of Camden, NJ. It is possible that he will face serious criminal charges and severe penalties, depending on the outcome of an investigation in the case. For instance, if authorities determine that the suspect threatened the victim with a deadly weapon, such as a knife or a handgun, the suspect could be charged with aggravated assault, terroristic threats, and possession of a weapon for an unlawful purpose. At this time, law enforcement officials have not indicated whether the suspect was carrying a knife, a gun, or some other type of weapon when the police shooting occurred.

Restraining Orders in Camden County, New Jersey

Additionally, if investigators determine that the suspect was committing an act of domestic violence, he would likely be subject to a restraining order. The restraining order process in New Jersey is dealt with separately from the criminal process, with restraining orders handled in civil proceedings. When a superior court judge believes that a suspect has committing a predicate act of domestic violence, the judge can issue a temporary restraining order (TRO) against the suspect. A final restraining order (FRO) hearing is then scheduled within 10 days of the TRO being issued.
While law enforcement investigates the Camden NJ domestic violence suspect and figures out whether criminal charges are appropriate in this case, the Camden County Police Department has already taken swift action in response to the shooting incident. The police officer has been placed on administrative leave while internal affairs and the Camden County Prosecutor’s Office conduct a joint investigation into the incident and attempt to determine whether the police use of force was justified. The investigation is being conducted in accordance with guidelines issued by the NJ Attorney General’s Office.

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