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Police Charge 16 Year Old With “Crime Spree”

Police Charge 16 Year Old With “Crime Spree”Police Charge 16 Year Old With “Crime Spree”

New Jersey State Police claim that a 16 year old stole an unmarked police vehicle from a state trooper’s North Brunswick driveway and used the vehicle to commit robberies, impersonate police, and possibly commit other crimes, according to a recent article at

Police claimed that the vehicle, an unmarked police SUV, disappeared from right out front of the owner’s home. The trooper noticed the vehicle missing around 9:30 a.m. Saturday and called the police. The vehicle was found the next Sunday morning.

According to police, after the vehicle went missing, it and its contents – including police uniforms and weapons – were used to rob two drivers in Middlesex County, one in South Brunswick and one near the Woodbridge Center Mall. Police said that a third driver, a trucker on the New Jersey Turnpike, was also pulled over but refused to give up any money.
Police also allege that the SUV was filled with gas at a station in Colonia but that the driver left without paying.

State troopers arrested the 16 year old based on evidence they claimed to have found during the investigation. They said that no weapons were used during the robberies, although they allege that two weapons were found near the 16-year-old during the arrest.

Police have not identified either the 16-year-old or the trooper who reported the vehicle missing. They have also not released details on how someone got into the vehicle and drove it off, nor have they said whether the trooper to whom it belonged will face disciplinary action.

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