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Cherry Hill Criminal Lawyer Reports on Bill Cosby's Latest Sexual Assault Accusations

Cherry Hill Criminal Lawyer Reports on Bill Cosby's Latest Sexual Assault Accusations

Bill Cosby Accused of Rape & Sexual Assault

Comedian and actor Bill Cosby is no stranger to the spotlight, but his recent media attention has not been favorable.  Defense lawyers for Mr. Cosby are once again denying allegations made by yet another woman that the actor drugged and raped her in 2008.  Over 20 women have come forward over the past several months with claims that Mr. Cosby had drugged and sexually assaulted them.  Due to the fact that some of the alleged incidents happening nearly 40 years ago, the statute of limitations for criminal charges has passed.  As a result, some of the accusers are pursuing civil lawsuits for damages suffered from what they claim was a traumatic experience.
So far, Mr. Cosby has been quiet, choosing to let the media frenzy wage its own war against him.  By legal standards, his silence may be his best defense.  No charges have been filed against Cosby as his legal defense team counters with claims against the women of attempted extortion and false accusations.  Mr. Cosby’s attorney has repeatedly denied the accusations against his client and recently filed a pleading, asking the court to impose a sanction of $33,295 against the most recent accuser to recover court costs and legal fees stemming from her allegations.
Attorney Gloria Allred recently challenged Mr. Cosby to waive the statute of limitations and allow his accusers to “meet him in court” to put an end to what they say has been a nightmare for the women allegedly assaulted by the comedian.  If Cosby agrees to waive the statutes of limitation, the women could then file suit against him, which Allred claims would allow Cosby to legally and publically defend himself.  Allred also suggested that Cosby put $100 million in a fund that would be used to settle claims against him.  Allred proposes that a panel of retired judges could review each woman’s claim against the actor, assess its validity, and then award damages accordingly.  Cosby’s lawyers have not issued a statement in response to Attorney Allred’s challenge.

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