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Cherry Hill Criminal Lawyer Discusses Revoking Bail for Repeat DUI Offenders

Cherry Hill Criminal Lawyer Discusses Revoking Bail for Repeat DUI Offenders

Repeat DUI Offenders in New Jersey Might Not Be Granted Bail

Criminal court judges in New Jersey and Pennsylvania have recently revoked bail for two people who were repeat DUI offenders.  Both women were caught driving under the influence while out on bail pending their DUI hearings. Because the defendants continued to drink and drive even after serving jail time for previous offenses, they were deemed as being dangers to their communities and needed to be kept in jail.  Having their licenses revoked in the past did not prevent the women from getting behind the wheel while under the influence of alcohol.
Defense attorneys argue that while a DUI offense is very serious, locking people up in county jails does nothing to help them address their problems. It is a widespread belief that if those with drug and alcohol problems are not getting the right kind of treatments, they will be much more likely to continue repeating the same behaviors once they are out of prison.
DUI laws vary from state to state and are continually being revised.  Lawmakers in New Jersey, Pennsylvania and several other states are considering enacting harsher penalties for repeat offenders, which includes revoking bail when necessary.  History has proven that increased penalties have not been an effective deterrent for crimes related to drug and alcohol abuse.  It is estimated that one in every three drunk driving arrests involves repeat offenders.

Cherry Hill Criminal Lawyer, Jill R. Cohen, Brings 30 Years of Experience When Defending Those Charged with Driving Under the Influence

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