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Cherry Hill Criminal Lawyer: Felony Gun Charges Dropped by New Jersey Prosecutor

Cherry Hill Criminal Lawyer: Felony Gun Charges Dropped by New Jersey Prosecutor

Cumberland County Prosecutors Drop Criminal Weapons Charges Against Retired NJ Schoolteacher

Cumberland County prosecutor Jennifer Webb-McRae recently dropped felony gun charges pending against retired New Jersey schoolteacher Gordon Van Gilder, stemming from the discovery of an antique pistol found in the glove box of his vehicle. Last November, Van Gilder was stopped for a routine traffic violation. During the traffic stop, he consented to a search of his vehicle.  Van Gilder advised the police of the presence of an unloaded antique flintlock pistol located in the glove box of his car.  He alleges that he was returning home from the pawn shop where he had just purchased the antique collector’s item.
Although the vintage pistol would have been classified as a “collectible” under federal law, New Jersey state statues treat the weapon as an ordinary pistol.  Under this definition, the presence of the pistol in the vehicle’s glove box arguably supports the charge of unlawful possession of a weapon.  Van Gilder was initially charged with felony handgun possession despite the absence of any aggravating factors or prior criminal record.  Using her prosecutorial discretion, Cumberland County prosecutor Webb-McRae dropped all pending charges.
Many opponents of New Jersey’s strict gun control laws are now urging legislators to review existing laws to prevent incidents like this in the future.  If Van Gilder had been convicted of a criminal weapon offense in New Jersey, he may have faced significant mandatory jail time, monetary fines and forfeiture of his state pension.

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