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Cherry Hill Criminal Lawyer: Crime Rates in New Jersey

Cherry Hill Criminal Lawyer: Crime Rates in New Jersey

UCR Report: Crime Rate in New Jersey Declining

According to the Uniform Crime Report issued by the state Attorney General’s office, there has been a documented decrease in the overall New Jersey crime rate from 2012 to 2013, with the exception of murders, which increased by four percent. The data reveals that most of the murder victims were African American men ages 15-29, and the leading weapon of use in 70% of murders was a handgun. Rape crimes in New Jersey decreased by 16%, motor vehicle thefts by 17%, and aggravated assaults by seven percent. Although these statistics are better than they have been, the Acting Attorney General, John Hoffman, still believes there is room for improvement.
There are many steps that can be taken to lower the crime rates in communities.. Some communities throughout the United States are taking steps to decrease the crime in their neighborhoods through outreach programs and collaborative efforts with law enforcement.
Behavior is a leading factor which can cause a person to act out and commit a crime. A decrease in crime rates is often realized when outreach programs effectively change the normal behavior of citizens within certain neighborhoods. Working with law enforcement officials can also help communities control their crime rates and strengthen their neighborhoods. Moreover, statistics show that the greater the police presence in an area, the less crime there is. The strength of the relationship between police presence and crime rates has led to a 15% decrease in crime in some cities.

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