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Cherry Hill Criminal Lawyer: Camden Inaugurates New Ballistics Information System

Cherry Hill Criminal Lawyer: Camden Inaugurates New Ballistics Information System

Camden Police Use National Database to Trace Firearms Used in Crimes

Camden, New Jersey police have a new tool to help them identify weapons used in crimes.  The new technology uses the National Integrated Ballistic Information Network (NIBIN), which is a database that links shell casings and bullets from firearms to their owners and to other crimes that involved the firearm.  Somewhat like a fingerprint database, shell casings and projectiles found at crime scenes are scanned and then run through a national database.  The Camden police department will be using the system to track data from Philadelphia, Chester, Wilmington, and the entire state of New Jersey.
During the production of a firearm, microscopic details are etched into the metal parts of the gun.  When a bullet is fired from the gun, the details are imprinted on the bullet.  Shell casings and spent bullets are scanned by crime scene investigators and entered into the NIBIN system.  They are then compared to other guns in the database with similar markings.  Further investigation allows law enforcement officials to use the information from the database to track the crimes and trafficking attached to that firearm.
Not only will the NIBIN system help identify individuals responsible for crimes involving firearms in Camden, it will also provide information that can clear criminals wrongfully convicted of a crime involving a firearm.  The NIBIN system can be used in conjunction with other evidence available through DNA, or fingerprint and criminal databases to prove not only the guilt of someone charged, but also the innocence of someone wrongfully charged.
The NIBIN program is a joint venture of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (ATF) and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI.)  The database allows law enforcement officials to collaborate throughout the country, specifically in locations close to the scene of crimes.  Camden County is the only county in South Jersey that owns this technology.  It is their goal to share NIBIN with surrounding municipalities to help law enforcement officials solve firearm crimes more efficiently.

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