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Camden County Criminal Lawyer Traffic Stop With A Concealed Weapon

Camden County Criminal Lawyer Traffic Stop With A Concealed Weapon

If you are in possession of a legally licensed handgun and you are pulled over by a police officer, there are some important tips to remember that will help prevent the situation from becoming confrontational and potentially dangerous for you or the police officer.

Officers go through many hours of training to prepare themselves for handling a wide range of scenarios. When pulling over a driver, they are walking into a situation in which they have no idea what to expect. The driver could be a completely innocent person who happened to be driving over the speed limit, or he or she could be a violent criminal who is fleeing the scene of a crime. It is important to keep the police officer’s perspective in mind if you are pulled over and you are in possession of a concealed weapon. Beyond basic common sense, here are some important things to keep in mind if you find yourself in this situation.

Camden County Criminal Lawyer, Jill R. Cohen, Protects the Rights of Gun Owners

If you have been criminally charged with a concealed weapon during a routine traffic stop, contact Camden County criminal lawyer , Jill R. Cohen. She will fight hard on your behalf to protect your rights and work to reduce or eliminate your charges. Our offices are located in Westmont, New Jersey and we represent clients throughout New Jersey , including Camden County, Gloucester County, Atlantic County, Salem County, Burlington County, Mercer County and Cumberland County ; specifically in Cherry Hill, Westmont, Haddonfield and Camden County. For a free consultation call or contact us online.

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