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Camden County Criminal Lawyer Reviews Different Types of Criminal Defenses

Camden County Criminal Lawyer Reviews Different Types of Criminal Defenses

Criminal Defenses Available in NJ: Statute of Limitations, Self-Defense & Insanity

Individuals accused of a crime in America have the right to be represented by a qualified criminal defense lawyer. The general public relies on counsel to develop a defense that will exonerate the innocent and fairly represent those who have made serious mistakes.  Defendants may choose from a variety of criminal defense strategies and should work closely with a criminal defense lawyer when making this important decision.  An effective criminal defense strategy is often dependent upon the type of criminal charges an individual is facing.

Statute of Limitations Defense

A straight-forward criminal defense strategy is questioning the statute of limitations of the crime.  If the prosecution has not pressed charges within a specified amount of time determined by the state or federal government, the criminal charges are often dropped.

Self-Defense, Coercion and Duress Defense

A self-defense strategy is effective when a person commits a criminal act in order to protect him or herself from harm. Similar to using self-defense to defend criminal charges is using a coercion and duress defense. This type of defense states that the accused was forced to commit a crime because they were being threatened by another party and they committed a crime in order to remain safe.  As long as it can be proven that the defendant’s actions did not cause him or her to be in a compromising situation that could have led to a criminal act, the coercion and duress defense can be quite effective.

Insanity Defense

A strategy that is not often used, but can be successful in very specific circumstances is the insanity defense.  It must be proven with very clear evidence that a person has or had a profound mental illness at the time of the crime making it impossible for the defendant to differentiate between right and wrong.

Affirmative Criminal Defense

An affirmative criminal defense basically challenges the validity of the evidence or points out lack of evidence presented by the prosecution.  Defense evidence must be presented that supports the claim that there is not enough valid proof to warrant a conviction.
It is extremely important to have strong, experienced criminal defense legal counsel when faced with criminal charges in New Jersey.  Making sound decisions about what type of criminal defense to use is crucial in order to protect your constitutional rights and secure your freedom.

Camden County Criminal Lawyer, Jill R. Cohen, Provides Aggressive Defense for Criminal Offenses in New Jersey

If you or a loved one have been charged with a crime, it is important for you to be represented by an attorney who will accurately determine the type of criminal defense that is in your best interest.  Cherry Hill Criminal defense lawyer, Jill R. Cohen, Esq., formerly worked as a prosecutor in Camden County and as an assistant district attorney in Philadelphia giving her all the tools necessary to handle your case.  Call today or contact her online if you are facing criminal charges in the South Jersey communities of Cherry Hill, Camden City, Mt. Holly or in Burlington County, Gloucester County, Atlantic County, Salem County, Mercer County or Cumberland County.