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Camden County Criminal Lawyer: Less Harsh Sentencing

Camden County Criminal Lawyer: Less Harsh Sentencing

Presidential Election Raises Issue of Overly Harsh Sentencing in U.S. Criminal Justice System

With the presidential election just around the corner, candidates find themselves having to address the current problems in our nation’s criminal justice system.  Situations in Ferguson and Baltimore have citizens seeking answers from the presidential candidates, calling for improved laws and rehabilitation systems for the individuals serving time for non-violent crimes.
As candidates are campaigning, they are being asked questions about their intentions regarding drug crimes in communities, police abuse and how law enforcement agencies are going to deal with the growing trends across the nation.
The main issues up for debate are:

  • Law enforcement’s handling of those who come from inner cities or poor socio-economic areas.
  • The overcrowding and high costs of operating prisons.
  • The lack of effective rehabilitation programs.

Currently, many government officials are pushing for the release of non-violent prisoners and shifting them into effective drug rehabilitation programs. It is widely believed that the crackdown on non-violent offenders two decades ago has created overly harsh punishments and mass incarcerations. Also advocating for treating drug offenders instead of locking them up is Governor Chris Christie of New Jersey.
The crime rates have plummeted over the past decade causing some to feel that the crackdown on non-violent offenders should remain in place. Conversely, others believe revamping the policies of law enforcement agencies and continuing to improve the rehabilitation programs in the country is the answer to improving the flawed criminal system. With all of these issues on the table, the 2015 election campaign is sure to prove interesting as the candidates debate over what needs to be done to improve our nation’s criminal justice system.

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