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Camden County Criminal Lawyer: Jail Time for Homicide in Self Defense

Camden County Criminal Lawyer: Jail Time for Homicide in Self Defense

“Justifiable” Homicide Can Still Result in Prison Sentence

A homicide can result when an individual uses self-defense to protect themselves against a violent attacker. Reacting with physical aggression in self-defense can leave an individual with feelings of fear and anxiety even though defending themselves resulted in saving their own life.   The person will have to cope with the fact that they took someone else’s life and come to the realization that they may be charged with a serious criminal offense.
In cases of self-defense resulting in a homicide, the specifics of each individual case will be used to determine if a defendant will serve jail time.  If it can be determined that an individual had time to call for help but chose to take it upon him/herself to deal with the perpetrator, the chances of the individual going to jail are greater than if the act of self-defense inadvertently caused the death of the attacker.
The definitions of justifiable homicide vary from state to state.  In almost all cases, however, the defendant must prove that he or she was attempting to prevent an extremely serious violent crime such as rape or attempted murder.  If attacked in a place other than the home or workplace, a person may have to prove that an attempted escape occurred in order to avoid a physical confrontation. It may also have to be proven that there was no way to prevent the retaliation from occurring.
No matter where or how it happens, people who unintentionally commit murder while trying to defend themselves against serious bodily injury need to seek the advice of an experienced criminal defense lawyer who can sort out the facts of the case and provide a thorough and aggressive defense.

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