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Bank Robbing “Nuns” Confess to their Crimes

Bank Robbing “Nuns” Confess to their CrimesBank Robbing “Nuns” Confess to their Crimes

Habitual bank robbers who had a practice of dressing up in disguises before their crimes including dressing up as nuns have finally confessed to their crimes. The two young women had a three month period where they robbed or attempted to rob banks in both New Jersey and Pennsylvania, one time dressed as nuns while other times they wore hijab head coverings although twice they left the banks empty handed.

Garfield Bank Held at Gunpoint

While not all of their capers led to them successfully getting away with any money they were able to rob a Spencer Savings branch in Garfield, New Jersey, at gunpoint making off with $2,900 and successfully avoiding the police. Other such attempts were not as successful including their first robbery attempt in Pennsylvania where they were dressed up as nuns and one of them allegedly took out a gun and asked for money from a teller when the other woman signaled to her partner that something was up and they left before they could get any cash. In yet another unsuccessful attempt they tried to pry open an ATM machine at a Keystone Bank in Pennsylvania with a screwdriver while both wearing hijabs but were ultimately unable to do so.

It was not until the two attempted to rob the NVE Bank in Teaneck that their crime spree finally came to an end. The two wore an orange hijab and a black head covering when they approached a manager pretending to request information about opening an account but an employee caught on to their scheme. 

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