3 tech trends in law enforcement

On Behalf of | May 6, 2023 | Criminal Defense

The world has vastly changed in the past decade thanks to technological innovations.

To keep up with the ever-evolving modern society, law enforcement has quickly seen the importance of embracing new technologies. Three of the top ones include:

1. Accessing smart data

In this day and age, data rules. With connected cities, buildings and nearly everyone having a cell phone, police have access to more data than ever before. Thanks to the Internet of Things, the latest voice assistants and video doorbells further provide police officers with real-time evidence to assist in cases. Even Fitbits and smart vehicles now offer new ways to build cases.

2. Automating surveillance

Although not entirely new, computer vision has taken huge leaps in recent years. Many law enforcement agencies now use automatic license plate recognition. Hooked to cameras, they can scan plates to identify people and vehicles. Along with surveillance, up-and-coming computer vision technologies may help increase the efficiency and viability of lie detector tests by detecting and analyzing microscopic eye and facial movements.

3. Dispatching drones and robots

Robotics also has brought the future to life. Pioneers in the industry have created robots that can walk on two legs. Outfitted with cameras and other technologies, they can access high-risk areas and get outfitted with equipment to detect suspicious items. Some agencies have started using them for surveillance thanks to thermal camera technology.

As more technological advances unfold, people can expect law enforcement to start embracing other technologies, such as virtual reality, digital twins and machine learning.