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How to support a loved one’s criminal defense

On Behalf of | Jan 30, 2023 | Criminal Defense

When a loved one gets charged with a serious criminal charge, they have a long battle ahead of them.

Considering that the New Jersey Courts had 24,179 indictable criminal filings from July 2019 to June 2021, it remains clear that the court process takes time. During the wait, the following may help ease the stress on your loved one.

1. Stay supportive but neutral

Regardless of the crime, it will come with difficult legal decisions. Even if you do not agree, stay supportive of their decision, which often comes with the guidance of legal counsel. Remember that no two cases have the same nuances, so avoid making comparisons. When discussing the proceedings, do your best to maintain a level head to provide the friendly, calming and caring influence your loved one needs.

2.  Provide distractions

It may take up to 180 days to go from the initial charge to indictment and trial. During that time, your loved one faces constant stress regarding their case. While their case will stay the elephant in the room, sometimes you need to avoid it. Making small talk, listening and occasionally going out for safe, mild fun creates opportunities to give the mind a rest from the potentially life-changing experience.

3. Maintain a tight inner circle

While your loved one needs support, try to ensure they get the right support. You can tell close friends and family about the arrest but avoid going into details. Loose conversations may easily lead to rumors, which may have negative consequences on the case and the individual facing charges.

A criminal case comes with a host of emotions and worry. Maintaining a touch of normalcy helps ease the court process.