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Will any violation of parole cause me to go to prison?

On Behalf of | May 16, 2022 | Uncategorized

Qualifying for parole grants you an early release from prison, provided that you fulfill certain obligations as required by your parole certificate. Your newfound freedom may not be entirely euphoric since you know you could end up back in prison if you violate the terms of your parole. Still, a single violation of your parole might not cause you to lose your freedom.

The New Jersey Adult Parole Handbook explains that it is possible but far from certain that you will lose your parole in the event you do not fulfill a condition of your parole.

Actions your parole officer may take

The job of your parole officer is to help you follow the terms of your parole. In the event you fail to follow through with a condition of your parole, your parole officer will have to decide whether your parole should continue or that revocation of your parole is in order.

However, a single instance of non-compliance might not result in a revocation if it is not serious enough. Parole officers have the option to work with their parolees to help them take proper actions so they do not violate parole in the future. So a possible outcome is that your parole officer will advise you how to avoid problems with fulfilling your parole terms.

What could happen if violations continue

Your parole could be in danger if you violate your parole multiple times even if the transgressions are minor. In the event of a persistent series of violations, your parole officer may seek a warrant from the Parole Board to arrest you. If so, you may go before a probable cause hearing to determine if there is sufficient evidence that you have seriously violated your parole and that you should return to custody for a revocation hearing.

Given that there are multiple steps before the state revokes your parole, you have options at these different stages to defend yourself from allegations that you have seriously violated parole. Still, if you can work with your parole officer to better comply with your parole, you might avoid the legal procedures that could endanger your freedom.