Are there any benefits to posting bail?

On Behalf of | Apr 12, 2022 | Criminal Defense

Facing criminal charges is a bleak process, but thanks to the United States justice system, a defendant is innocent until proven guilty. Because of this approach, it is possible to wait for your court appearance without spending time in jail.

When eligible, posting bail is an opportunity for pre-trial freedom, but many view the expense as oppressive and restrictive toward low-income individuals. Several factors determine a bail amount, and even though it could seem pricey, there are several benefits to posting bail.

1. Prepare for court

Posting bail gives you adequate time to prepare for your upcoming case. You can meet with an attorney, collect evidence or information and spend time putting your affairs in order.

2. Prevent unnecessary incarceration

Because of New Jersey bail reform efforts, posting cash bail is generally provided to defendants as a last resort for avoiding pre-trial detention. However, there are instances where the court will order bail to ensure an appearance at the scheduled court date. By posting bail, you avoid having to spend the time until your court date behind bars. If you or a family member do not have all of the funds needed to pay the bail amount, consider working with a bondsman.

3. Prevent unemployment

It is possible to remain employed after your arrest, and by staying out of jail, you can meet your employment obligations. This allows you to continue providing for your family and earning the money needed to fund your defense.

There are several options to consider concerning how to post bail, but the overall assessment is that it can be highly beneficial to your defense and your personal life.