What do you know about DUI penalties?

On Behalf of | Oct 21, 2021 | DWI

After getting your first DUI, you have a lot of concerns to address. For instance, how far back does a drunk driving charge set you financially?

MoneyGeek breaks down various drunk driving costs. Understand how your financial health changes after your encounter with New Jersey law enforcement.

License fees

If you lose your license, you must pay a fee to get it back after completing your license suspension period.

Cost of transportation

While finishing your license suspension, you must still get to and from work and everywhere else you need to go. You may rely on public transportation or rideshare services, whichever fits your budget. Relatives and friends may offer to give you rides. If they do, they may ask for gas money, or you may offer it.

Car insurance

When you get your license back, your current car insurance provider could increase your premiums. Your insurance company could also drop you as a customer. Prepare for much higher insurance premiums, as carriers consider you a high-risk driver. How much more you pay in insurance and how long you must pay higher premiums depends on the insurance company.

Substance abuse class

You may need to take a substance abuse class or state-certified driver intervention program. If so, you must pay to enroll.

Ignition interlock device

Some courts require ignition interlock devices for those with a drunk driving charge. If you need one, you must pay to have the device installed in your car. After installation, you also pay a monthly charge for the device.

You do not have to let DUI charges come as a surprise. By preparing for the inevitable, you can give yourself peace of mind.