Can felony conviction impact employment opportunity?

On Behalf of | Aug 2, 2021 | Criminal Defense

Both felonies and misdemeanors carry significant penalties in New Jersey if a conviction is obtained. In fact, they can have an impact on finding and keeping employment. If you have a felony on your record, it is good to know how it can affect your potential job search.

Felonies and their consequences

Not all employers will automatically count you out of a job for a felony conviction. There are quite a few factors that an employer will consider including the length of time since the felony as well as the type of crime.

Since felony convictions including domestic violence, aggravated assault, robbery and fraud can prevent you from obtaining professional licenses, you might not be able to work with children, in law, with the elderly or in finance. Be aware of the type of licensure you will need for your prospective employer and how obtaining that license may be impacted by your felony.

Applying for employment

Always tell the truth on job applications when asked if you have a felony conviction. Most major employers will find out about any convictions during a pre-employment background check. If you have lied on your application, it will likely disqualify you from going further in the employment process.

Since background checks can go back for years, even old felony convictions may be brought to light. It’s best to be forthcoming about any convictions you’ve had. Additionally, some states do not require you to report felonies after a certain period of time.

Tell the truth about your felony conviction

You will likely be asked about your conviction during an employment interview. It may be difficult to speak about, especially if it happened a long time ago, but this is your best chance to show your prospective employer how you have changed.

It will give you the opportunity to show your potential employer that you can admit to mistakes you’ve made in the past, have reconciled said mistakes and can move forward wiser than you were having learned the error of your ways.