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Arrest made after body found in a plastic container

On Behalf of | Aug 30, 2021 | Uncategorized

For a week or two now, local news has been covering the discovery of a body in a plastic container in just about every news cast. It has captured our state’s attention. And, there has been an arrest in the case.

The original incident

According to the Ridgefield Police Department, back on August 13, shortly after 10:30 a.m., RPD responded to a report of a large suspicious container in Ridgefield Park. The park is located near Teaneck Road and Hobart Street here in New Jersey. When RPD arrived, they discovered human remains, which were later identified as a woman from Queens, New York.

The arrest

After a multistate investigation done by New York and New Jersey police departments, a 29-year-old New York native was arrested Sunday. Allegedly, the man moved the woman to the barrel, and then the barrel to the park the night before RPD discovered it. Though, they only claim that he assisted in moving the body and barrel, so presumably, at least one additional arrest is anticipated.

After anyone is arrested

Before turning oneself in, contact a Westmont, New Jersey, attorney. After one is arrested, ask for an attorney. Do not participate in the investigation of any murder because it is very easy to be roped into it. Remember, especially in cases that have a significant media attention, the police are under an incredible pressure to arrest someone, often, anyone. This can lead to false charges, aggravation and the destruction of one’s reputation. Just a quick look through any streaming website shows a litany of these horror stories of false arrests and imprisonments.