30 arrested for involvement in New Jersey drug trafficking ring

On Behalf of | May 3, 2021 | Criminal Defense

While some states in our nation are moving towards decriminalizing drug possession, in New Jersey illicit drug trafficking is still a crime. For example, one recent drug trafficking sting led to three dozen arrests in New Jersey.

30 arrested, three charged with murder

Earlier in April, 30 people were charged with running a drug trafficking ring that had taken place in various parts of New Jersey for more than four years. According to the Atlantic County District Attorney’s Office, since 2016 two individuals supplied dealers with large amounts of various drugs such as heroin, cocaine, marijuana, Suboxone and Percocet. One of the men continued drug trafficking while in jail, having them smuggled in by a corrections officer. Three of the men were also charged with murder following the shooting death of a man, age 45, in 2019.

Drug trafficking laws in New Jersey

Under New Jersey law, it is illegal for a person to distribute drugs or have the intent to distribute drugs. While marijuana use has been legalized, the distribution of large amounts of marijuana and the distribution of any amount of harder drugs such as heroin and cocaine is still against the law. However, New Jersey does have drug courts that may offer offenders a road toward recovery, rather than simply penalizing them.

Learn more about drug laws in New Jersey

New Jersey drug laws are complex and can be confusing to those who are unfamiliar with them. This post is for educational purposes only and does not contain legal advice. Our firm’s webpage on New Jersey drug laws may be a useful resource for those who want to learn more about this topic.