Camden man facing double murder charges

On Behalf of | Dec 3, 2020 | Criminal Defense

We all know that New Jersey can be a rough place. Just turning on the news every night, we see stories of shootings. But, what we often do not hear is context or the other side of the story. Often, we only hear the police point of view or the view from surviving family members. However, the voice of the accused is seldom, if ever, given equal time, which means that, even before a conviction, one’s life can be destroyed. This is, unfortunately, what one local is now going through.

The alleged incident

According to the Camden Police Department, on Sept. 20, CPD was called to the Wheels of Soul Clubhouse in Camden, a New Jersey motorcycle clubhouse. Upon arrival, CPD found two Philadelphia men who, apparently, had been shot. One of the men died onsite, and the other man died later in the hospital.

The arrest and charges

The alleged shooter was recently arrested at their Camden home and now faces first-degree murder and weapons charges in Camden County. The man is still awaiting his detention hearing at the Camden County Correctional Facility.

After an arrest

For anyone arrested on murder charges in Westmont, New Jersey, ask for an attorney immediately and do not talk with the police until an attorney arrives. Of course, the provided attorney does not need to be the ultimate attorney one chooses, but the court appointed attorney can at least help one with bail. Then, once one has some time to breath, then they can search for their ideal criminal defense lawyer. Choosing the right lawyer and crafting the right defense strategy can make all the difference in one’s case.