Man Gets Fifteen Years in Prison for Shooting Camden Officer

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Lindenwold Resident Sentenced to Prison

Delronn Mahan, age 21, of Lindenwold, New Jersey was sentenced Friday, March 22, 2019 to a total of fifteen years in prison for shooting a police officer in November 2017. Mahan had been previously sentenced to eight years in prison related to this incident for the possession of a weapon for an unlawful purpose.  An additional seven years was added to his sentence for aggravated assault.

Mahan shot Officer Patrick O’Hanlon, a New Jersey police officer, in the thigh. Some local authorities claim that Mahan aimed the gun at O’Hanlon’s face, trying to kill him and the gun misfired.  Mahan, however, claims that Officer O’Hanlon had control of the gun when it went off, and shot himself in the leg by accident.

A Prior Criminal Record

Mahan, who was running from the police while carrying a loaded weapon, was also an alleged member of the Crips gang and had almost a dozen prior arrests within the past two years before the shooting.  Mahan will spend a minimum of six years in prison before he is considered eligible for parole.  Although Mahan had been charged with attempted murder, his sentencing was the result of a plea deal.

The Crips, a violent gang in New Jersey and several other states that originated from California, is a rival gang of the Bloods.  This notorious gang is involved in many different forms of crime, from drug dealing to murder and illegal gambling, and has over 30,000 members nationwide.

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