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Nurse From Middle Township Charged With Prescription Fraud, Released From Police Custody, And Sought After Again On New Prescription Fraud Charges

On Behalf of | Feb 21, 2019 | Firm News

On November 5, 2018, police officers of the Wildwood Police Department Uniform Patrol Division arrested a 31-year-old nurse named Jessica Mattera from Middle Township, New Jersey after she attempted to fill a fraudulent prescription at a Rite Aid Pharmacy in Wildwood, New Jersey. After arresting her on that date, the Wildwood Police Department released Mattera from police custody while, at the same time, continuing to conduct a follow-up investigation into her past criminal actions. Upon conducting said follow-up investigation, police have uncovered evidence of Mattera allegedly filling fraudulent prescriptions on two other separate occasions. The Wildwood Police Department have since endeavored to arrest Mattera on new prescription fraud charges, but have been unsuccessful in locating her.

The Initial Investigation

Prior to Mattera being arrested for attempting to fraudulently fill a prescription on November 5, 2018, the Wildwood Police Department was in the process of investigating a separate prescription fraud case, which is alleged to have occurred on November 1, 2018. Based on the information the police obtained from the victim and the on-duty pharmacist at a Rite Aid Pharmacy, a female of Asian descent allegedly filled prescriptions in another person’s name on November 1, 2018. However, the police failed to make an arrest as to this case until November 5, 2018 when Wildwood Police Department Police Officers arrested Mattera, a female of Asian descent, attempting to fill a prescription for the ADHD medication Adderall written in the same person’s name as the November 1, 2018 incident at the Rite Aid Pharmacy located at 3400 New Jersey Avenue, Wildwood, New Jersey.
As a result of the similarities between the November 1, 2018 incident and the November 5, 2018 incident, Mattera was charged with two counts of forgery, two counts of obtaining a prescription by fraud, and one count of criminal attempt, all indictable offenses of the third degree. Following the charging of Mattera, the Wildwood Police Department released her from custody on a summons complaint. However, the police department continued to investigate.

Follow-Up Investigation Yields New Prescription Fraud Charges

During the Wildwood Police Department’s continuing investigation of Mattera after releasing her on a summons complaint, the police department discovered that she had also filled fraudulent prescriptions in the same victim’s name on two other occasions. Following this discovery, the Wildwood Police Department filed two additional counts of forgery and two additional counts of obtaining a prescription by fraud against Mattera, all of which are indictable offenses of the third degree. The new charges derived from the follow-up investigation of Mattera were placed on a warrant complaint and thereafter forwarded to the Wildwood Municipal Court. The warrant issued for Mattera due to the police’s discovery of the two additional incidents is still outstanding and the whereabouts of this Middle Township nurse are still unknown at this time.
While police continue the search for Mattera, it is worth noting that, if she is convicted of the nine fraud charges, she faces a potential prison sentence of 45 years and she also stands to lose her license to practice nursing.

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