Kearny Bookkeeper Charged with Third-Degree Theft

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Kearny Bookkeeper Charged with Third-Degree Theft
A Kearny bookkeeper has confessed and pleaded guilty to stealing money from her school’s district, and she has agreed to pay back over $300,000 in damages as a result of her plea agreement.

Former Bookkeeper Confesses to Theft

Gina Neri, the 50-year-old bookkeeper, is a resident of North Arlington. Her duties as a bookkeeper required her to keep track of the school district’s spending. The district’s business office first began to realize there may be an issue when they discovered discrepancies in Neri’s books for October.
In response, the business office decided to turn the case over to the Hudson County Prosecutor’s Office. After investigating the claims, authorities found significant evidence that Neri had been negotiating checks for personal use for years. Reports indicate the suspect may have taken over $190,000 between 2011 and 2017. Shortly after discovering these crimes, authorities arrested the suspect and charged her with a failure to pay, failure to file a tax return and filing a fraudulent tax return. She has also plead guilty to third degree theft by deception.

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