Temporary Tattoo Allows You to Track Your Alcohol Levels

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In what many are hoping will start a new safety trend to stop intoxicated driving, there is now a brand new monitoring device that will help allow a person to quickly track their blood alcohol levels and get that information from an app on their phone in as little as 8 minutes. It is being compared to a temporary tattoo because it is a small device that is placed directly on your skin although it is technically a biosensor patch that contains numerous flexible wireless components and not an actual tattoo. This technology is able to stimulate perspiration on the wearer of the device which it can then use to measure the level of alcohol in the person’s system and in turn send that information to the user’s cell phone.

Discreet and Quick Technology

While there is nothing particularly new about this type of technology, it is the way that it can be used that is quickly gaining attention with those that are interested in being able to have the ability to measure the alcohol levels in their system. The fact that they will no longer need to breathe into a large breathalyzer that can draw attention from onlookers means it could cut back on the trepidation and anxiety that may come from checking their alcohol levels, thus, hopefully, cutting back on the number of DUI’s and catastrophic injuries that can stem from driving under the influence. Having the ability to find out their alcohol levels with an unnoticeable device and getting the results right to their phone is a modern way to cut back on the number of DUI’s. In addition, being able to complete the process in only 8 minutes is a big improvement over previous products that measured alcohol through your sweat and could take anywhere from 2-3 hours.

Safer Roads the End Result

The hope is that with the ease and discreet nature of this new device as well as the quick turnaround time in getting the results on your phone, more people will be apt to use it and therefore our roads should, in theory, be much safer. Not everyone is willing to be objective about just how drunk they may be when deciding to get behind the wheel and many of those same people certainly do not want others to know that they are actually checking their blood alcohol levels even though it is the safe thing to do. By making the entire process easier and quicker as well as less noticeable more drivers will be willing to do the right thing and take the test to make sure that it is okay for them to drive which in the end will put less drunk drivers out on the road which is the best case scenario for everybody.

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