Cyber-Crimes Cost Americans Billions of Dollars

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Cyber-criminals who utilize viruses, malware, social media scams, and spyware to wreak havoc on the web are more than just a nuisance. According to Symantec, the creators of Norton antivirus software, these cyber-thieves cost United States consumers over $19.4 billion last year alone. And the costs didn’t end there. Symantec reports that at least 143 million people, more than half of the adult population of the United States, were duped, scammed, or impacted in some way by cyber-crime.

Ways to Protect Yourself Against Becoming a Victim of Cyber-Crime

Symantec’s report noted that at least 60 percent of U.S. internet users had willingly and knowingly shared one of their passwords with another person. This small action puts user’s accounts at a much higher risk of being sabotaged by a cyber-criminal, so Symantec advises internet users to keep their passwords private and not share them with anyone else. If the other user’s account is compromised, then your password could easily fall into the hands of a cyber-thief.
Another huge but common mistake that internet users make is repeatedly using the same password or similar variations for all of their online accounts. Symantec reported that at least 24 percent of individuals continue to partake in this dangerous trend, leaving all of their accounts vulnerable.
Following basic cyber-security practices like frequently changing your passwords, never using a repeat password on different accounts, keeping your codes private, and utilizing an antivirus program will help protect your online security.

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