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Do I Need a Criminal Defense Lawyer?

We live in an age of “do-it-yourself.” You have a question about how to fix something, cook something, make something? Chances are, you can probably find the instructions for it online. While we may have become accustomed to finding answers to our common questions online, your criminal case is not going to fall under the […]

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What Are the Penalties for Using Someone Else’s Credit Card?

Fraud (in all its forms) can come with severe penalties for those who engage in it. One of the most common types of fraud is credit or debit card fraud. This act involves illegally using someone else’s credit or debit card information to purchase goods. What many people are surprised to learn is that you […]

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The COVID-19 Virus And Your Rights

Until further notice, there are no in-person Superior Court and Municipal Court proceedings. As many matters as possible including case management conferences, pleas motions to be released, sentences and hearings will be handled by telephone or video conference. This is part of the Judiciary’s social distancing efforts to slow the spread of COVID-19 coronavirus. Contact […]

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If You Are Unhappy With Your Attorney You Don’t Have To Stay

Ms. Cohen will provide a second opinion as to the performance of your attorney.  Please contact her for an initial free consultation. If you have a copy of the important parts of your file you can contact her for a second review.  Although the initial consultation is free, you may enter into a contract for […]

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Challenging a Conviction or Sentence in New Jersey

POST CONVICTION AND SENTENCE CHALLENGES Challenging Your Conviction and Sentence DIRECT APPEALS – SUPERIOR COURT There are several ways that you can challenge your conviction. Whether you entered a guilty plea or went to trial and were convicted, there are ways to change your result.  Appeal: First, you have 45 days to appeal the conviction. […]

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