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What to Do When Dealing With Charges of Battery and Assault

Dealing with Assault And Battery Charges in NJ When an individual is accused of battery and assault, they are facing some serious accusations and charges that could land them in prison for a long time. If you have recently been charged with such crimes and you do not know what to do, the very first […]

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How Does a Lawyer Assist When a Person Has Misdemeanor Charges?

How a Criminal Defense Lawyer Can Help NJ Residents Charged with a Misdemeanor Misdemeanor charges are usually not as serious as felony charges. Those convicted of these charges may receive much lighter sentences. However, every situation is different. If someone is on probation when they are charged with a misdemeanor, they could be facing time […]

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Drug Possession Legal Consequences

Drug Possession Overview Being arrested and convicted for drug possession can lead to a prison sentence lasting years or even decades. Knowing the consequences of conviction for drug possession can serve as a strong deterrent against committing these offenses. Unfortunately, many people feel societal and financial pressures to get involved with drug possession. People who […]

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What Types of Juvenile Crimes Tend to Occur the Most?

The Severity of Juvenile Crimes Committed in New Jersey Adults are not the only ones that commit crimes. Juveniles can commit crimes for different reasons and some may face the same or similar punishments as adults that have committed the same crimes. Certain factors are usually taken into consideration, including the age of the offender […]

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How to Handle a DUI Charge in NJ

Changes to DUI Law in New Jersey If you’ve ever been arrested, then you know how stressful it is to navigate the process afterward. This is especially true when you’ve been arrested while intoxicated. Some laws in New Jersey are changing regarding the penalties first-time DUI offenders will face, which is complicating the process for […]

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