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  • New Jersey Possession of CDS: Intent and Distribution

    • By Jill R. Cohen

      May 14th, 2019

    Controlled Dangerous Substances in New Jersey A controlled dangerous substance is defined as a drug that is classified as having potential for abuse. This can be something as legal as a prescribed high strength painkiller like oxycodone or anxiety medication like Xanax to something as serious and completely illegal like heroin or cocaine. Possession of [..]

  • Juveniles and Felony Charges

    • By Jill R. Cohen

      May 7th, 2019

    In the legal world, children and juveniles don’t often receive the same type or level of punishment for the same crimes that are committed by someone 18 or over. Only the most severe crimes on a case-by-case basis usually result in a juvenile being charged with a felony. A judge decides in certain circumstances whether [..]

  • A Guide To The Different Theft Charges In New Jersey

    • By Jill R. Cohen

      April 16th, 2019

    In criminal law, it seems like there are many words for the same thing. Larceny, robbery, embezzlement, fraud, what does it all mean? This is an important question if you are facing criminal charges or are the victim of a theft. Here is a short guide to the different categories of theft crimes in New [..]

  • Disorderly Conduct Charges In New Jersey

    • By Jill R. Cohen

      April 9th, 2019

    You’ve likely heard of the term “disorderly conduct” before. It’s a commonly charged crime that usually serves as a catch-all for unruly and disruptive behavior. For the average person, this definition can seem frustratingly broad. Understanding the finer points of how this crime is defined can help you avoid charges and the number of negative [..]

  • Double Homicide in Camden, New Jersey

    • By Jill R. Cohen

      March 12th, 2019

    The police in New Jersey are investigating a tragic crime after they discovered two homicide victims in an idling vehicle on February 27th. Read on to learn the details of this crime, the penalties of murder in the state of New Jersey and the potential criminal defenses available to murder suspects. Double Homicide in Camden [..]


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