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How Do I Get Post-Conviction Relief?

Post-conviction relief is a legal term that describes the ability to bring more evidence after a trial has already been decided. This is important when new evidence or legal issues arise in a case that has already received a ruling. Important Details of Post-Conviction Relief Post-conviction relief is similar to a post-trial motion. This type […]

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Credit Card Fraud and Related Offenses

When an individual is charged with credit card fraud in New Jersey, it can be a challenging reality to face. Being accused of one of these crimes can be daunting and complicated as you endure the legal system and try to protect your rights. At the Law Offices of Jill R. Cohen, we will assist […]

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When Can I Get an Expungement?

For many individuals, having their record expunged means a fresh start in life. Criminal convictions stay on records for a long period of time, leaving a huge impact on a person’s life as they try to find employment, housing, and other means. The expungement process is not always easy to endure but with the help […]

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Do I Need a Criminal Defense Lawyer?

We live in an age of “do-it-yourself.” You have a question about how to fix something, cook something, make something? Chances are, you can probably find the instructions for it online. While we may have become accustomed to finding answers to our common questions online, your criminal case is not going to fall under the […]

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