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  • Bank Robbing “Nuns” Confess to their Crimes

    • By Jill R. Cohen

      September 20th, 2018

    Bank Robbing “Nuns” Confess to their Crimes Habitual bank robbers who had a practice of dressing up in disguises before their crimes including dressing up as nuns have finally confessed to their crimes. The two young women had a three month period where they robbed or attempted to rob banks in both New Jersey and [..]

  • Fatal Drunk Driving Accident; Off-Duty Cop Gets Year in Jail

    • By Jill R. Cohen

      September 18th, 2018

    Fatal Drunk Driving Accident; Off-Duty Cop Gets Year in Jail An off-duty Long Branch police detective pleaded guilty to strict liability vehicular homicide and DWI for fatally striking a 66-year-old Stanhope woman with his jeep as she was crossing the street on Ocean Boulevard. He is now considered to be the first defendant in New [..]

  • Large Majority of Crimes in New Brunswick Go Unsolved

    • By Jill R. Cohen

      August 21st, 2018

    The Mayor of New Brunswick expected a large drop in the crime rate when he increased the size of the New Brunswick Police Department. What he did not expect was the rise in homicides that occurred which ended up being four times as many homicides in 2017 as they had in the entire year before. [..]

  • Important Ways Legal Marijuana Could Affect New Jersey

    • By Jill R. Cohen

      August 7th, 2018

    With the legalization of marijuana on the rise in the country more and more states are flirting with the idea of legalization not just for medicinal purposes but for recreational purposes as well. One of those states is New Jersey, and many believe the fact that some of the reason new Governor Phil Murphy was [..]

  • Drug Evidence in New Jersey

    • By Jill R. Cohen

      July 31st, 2018

    While it is always advisable to adhere to the wishes of law enforcement and remain compliant when pulled over, police are people too, and people make mistakes. Sometimes, these mistakes make it so they can do their job, but if those mistakes do not follow proper protocol it could end up making subsequent events null [..]


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