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Atlantic County Criminal Defense Attorney

Atlantic County Criminal Defense AttorneyAtlantic County Criminal Defense Attorney

Top-Rated Criminal Lawyer in Atlantic County, NJ Defends Clients' Rights in Egg Harbor Township, Atlantic City, Galloway Township, and Throughout South Jersey

Being accused of a crime in Atlantic County is a serious matter. A criminal charge will go on your permanent record and so will a conviction. This means you will continue to feel the adverse effects of the criminal record for long after completing your sentence. Prospective employers, landlords, and financial institutions may not be willing to give you a chance when you bear a criminal record. You must have the guidance the support of an experienced Atlantic County criminal defense attorney.

At The Law Office of R. Cohen, you can depend on us to provide you with the best possible defense when accused of a criminal offense as defined under New Jersey law. Attorney Jill R. Cohen practiced for years as a prosecutor in Camden County and later as an Assistant Philadelphia District Attorney. She has experience working on both sides of the law. She understands the tactics that the prosecution use and will craft an effective defense strategy to protect your rights and freedom.

Contact us today to schedule a consultation with an experienced criminal lawyer in Atlantic County, NJ from our law firm. We’d be glad to review the circumstances of your case and offer guidance.

Secure Your Future With Experienced and Dedicated Defense; Schedule a Free Consultation With Me, New Jersey Criminal Defense Attorney Jill Cohen, to Fight For Your Rights and Seek The Justice You Deserve.

Our Areas of Practice in Atlantic County, NJ

At the Law Office of Jill R. Cohen, we understand that facing legal challenges can be an overwhelming experience. That's why we're committed to standing by your side, offering comprehensive legal services tailored to your unique circumstances. Located in the heart of Atlantic County, New Jersey, our firm specializes in a wide range of practice areas to serve your diverse needs. Below, you'll find an overview of the legal services we offer to our clients.

  • Atlantic County Assault Crime Defense: Being accused of assault can have severe repercussions on your life and reputation. Our team is dedicated to providing you with a robust defense strategy that aims to protect your rights and secure the best possible outcome for your case.
  • Atlantic County Domestic Violence Defense: Domestic violence allegations can be emotionally taxing and legally complex. We offer compassionate and strategic legal counsel to help you navigate the intricacies of domestic violence laws in Atlantic County.
  • Atlantic County Drug Crime Defense: Facing drug-related charges can be daunting, but you don't have to go through it alone. We specialize in defending clients against a variety of drug offenses, from possession to trafficking.
  • Atlantic County DUI / DWI Defense: A DUI or DWI conviction can have long-lasting effects on your life. Our firm is experienced in challenging DUI/DWI charges and working towards minimizing the impact on your personal and professional life.
  • Atlantic County Expungements: A criminal record can be a significant barrier in many aspects of life. We offer expungement services to help you clear your record and move forward with a clean slate.
  • Atlantic County Federal Crime Defense: Federal crimes come with their own set of challenges and complexities. Our team is well-versed in federal laws and procedures, offering you the specialized defense you need.
  • Atlantic County Immigration / Deportation Defense: Immigration issues can be incredibly stressful for you and your family. We provide comprehensive legal services to help you navigate the complex immigration system.
  • Atlantic County Juvenile Crime Defense: Juvenile crimes require a different approach, considering the long-term implications for the young individual involved. We are committed to defending the rights of juveniles in Atlantic County.
  • Atlantic County Sex Crime Defense: Sex crime allegations can have devastating effects on your reputation and future. We offer discreet and effective legal representation to defend you against such charges.
  • Atlantic County Theft Crime Defense: Theft charges can range from petty theft to grand larceny. Regardless of the severity, we are here to offer you a defense strategy tailored to your specific case.
  • Atlantic County Traffic Tickets Defense: Traffic violations may seem minor, but they can accumulate and lead to significant penalties. We can assist you in contesting traffic tickets and reducing the impact on your driving record.
  • Atlantic County Violent Crime Defense: Violent crimes are taken very seriously by the legal system. Our firm is committed to providing you with a defense that aims to mitigate the consequences and protect your rights.
  • Atlantic County Weapons Crime Defense: Weapons charges can come with severe penalties, including imprisonment. We offer specialized legal services to defend you against weapons-related accusations.
  • Atlantic County White Collar Crime Defense: White-collar crimes, such as fraud or embezzlement, require a nuanced approach due to their complex nature. Our team is experienced in handling such cases with the utmost professionalism.
  • And more: This list is not exhaustive. We are equipped to handle a variety of other legal issues that you may encounter. When you choose the Law Office of Jill R. Cohen, you're choosing a firm that puts your needs first, offering personalized legal solutions in Atlantic County, NJ.

For a confidential consultation, don't hesitate to reach out to us. We're here to help you navigate the complexities of the legal system, providing you with the peace of mind you deserve.

  • ★★★★★

    “Jill Cohen clearly knows the law very well. She is confident enough to take a matter to trial, if need be, along with negotiation skills needed to represent you along the way. Ms. Cohen has helped me with a few matters throughout the years, and always made me feel assured that my rights would not be violated and I would have a fair position.”

    Elijah W.
  • ★★★★★

    "I made the right choice in hiring Jill Cohen to represent me. Not only is Jill Cohen a consummate attorney, she’s very professional, returns calls in a timely manner, but most importantly, gets the job done! Thanks to her my case was settled with a great outcome. I highly recommend her! I’m a happy and satisfied client!"

    Jodi L.
  • ★★★★★

    "We used Jill Cohen for the first time this October. Great attorney, she helped my boyfriend immensely with his case. We will be calling her again without hesitation for anything we may need in the future. Very affordable as well."

    Marni E.
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Common Defense Techniques Used in Criminal Cases in Atlantic County

There is a wide range of defense techniques that an experienced Atlantic County criminal defense attorney can use. Some of the most common defenses include:

Infringement on constitutional rights

For example, if law enforcement officers carried out a search and seizure of your property erroneously and this resulted in your arrest, the results of the search can be omitted in your case. Without this evidence, the prosecution may not be able to establish your guilt.

Lack of evidence

The prosecution bears the burden of providing evidence that will show beyond a reasonable doubt that you were responsible for the crime you have been accused of. The legal standard of proof for criminal cases in New Jersey is high. Your attorney can argue against the evidence to show that the evidence is insufficient and therefore get your charges dismissed.

Contact our law firm to schedule a consultation with an experienced attorney and get started working on your defense right away.

About Atlantic County, NJ

Atlantic County is a county located in New Jersey. It is bordered by the Atlantic Ocean to the east. As of 2021, the estimated population of the county was 265,000. The county’s economy is quite diverse with industries such as tourism, healthcare, education, and agriculture playing significant roles. The county attracts large numbers to its coastal towns including Atlantic City. Atlantic City, is in fact a major tourist destination with numerous casino resorts and entertainment venues.

Atlantic County has a crime rate of 27.23 per 1000 residents. This crime rate is higher than that of the average county in the US. The county is ranked in the 40th percentile for safety. This means that only 40 percent of the counties in the country are more dangerous than Atlantic County. Residents of Atlantic County generally consider the southwestern parts of the county to be the safest to live in.

If you have been accused of committing a crime in Atlantic County, contact the Law Office of Jill R. Cohen for representation by an experienced and skilled criminal lawyer in Atlantic County, NJ.

I Offer Free Case Evaluations to Consult With You About The Charges You Are Facing. Call Me at 856-830-6433 or Reach Out Through My Online Form to Schedule Your Consultation Today.

Contact The Law Office of Jill R. Cohen to Consult with An Experienced Atlantic County Criminal Defense Attorney

Have you or a loved one been accused of a crime? You must act quickly to protect your rights. Contact the Law Office of Jill R. Cohen to speak with an experienced criminal lawyer in Atlantic County, NJ. We will provide you with the support and guidance you need to protect your rights and get the best possible outcome in our case. You don’t have to face this difficult situation on your own. You can have an expert Atlantic County criminal defense attorney fighting in your corner. Get in touch with us now to get started.

Frequently Asked Questions About Criminal Defense Matters in Atlantic County, NJ

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What My Clients Say

"I cannot say enough good things about Jill and her staff... During one of the most trying times for me, not only did she support me, but she and her staff truly listened to me and, most importantly, had my best interest at heart. I will refer Jill to anyone that needs a hands-down professional, caring lawyer to get them through a difficult time."

Elizabeth S.
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